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2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Beats the Tesla Model 3 on Range

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Currently, the maximum range you can get with a Tesla Model 3 is 356 miles. This is a little shyer than the Ioniq 6’s new 361-mile rating, but it has its pitfalls. The Ioniq 6 goes the distance with rear-wheel drive combined with a 77.4 kW battery pack. The Model 3 accomplishes much the same while offering all-wheel drive (and an 82 kWh battery).

According to the EPA website, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD is rated at 131 MPGe combined and the Ioniq 6 is rated at 140 MPGe in SE RWD Long Range configuration. Ioniq achieves an air drag coefficient of 0.22 for mirrors in the US and 0.21 for rearview cameras in the Korean market. The Tesla Model 3 has a drag coefficient of 0.23, which is just a fraction.

Impressive, but the difference between the Ioniq 6 and the Model 3’s best-range estimates is that if the automaker is feeling hot enough to do so, it’s likely that Tesla’s radios will tweak and improve its performance. It’s close enough to be in the immediate vicinity of an update. Stay competitive on paper. But automakers may not need to worry too much. If you want all-wheel drive over rear-wheel drive for roughly the same range, Tesla has a clear advantage. It depends on the price Hyundai has yet to confirm.

Here’s a rundown of the full Ioniq 6 lineup: The SE AWD Long Range with 18 inch wheels delivers 316 miles and 121 MPGe. His SEL RWD on 20-inch wheels and Limited RWD on 20-inch wheels both achieve 305 miles and 117 MPGe. The 20-inch SEL AWD and Limited AWD both achieve 270 miles and 103 MPGe. Choose your poison

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