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30,000 People a Month Think Kia’s Logo Says ‘KN’

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kia logo

image: Cyrus Stein (APs)

Kia updated its logo in early 2021. With new products like Telluride, K5 and EV6, the company wanted to start his 30 years in the 21st century with a new brand his image. The brand logo isKiaAll the letters are connected in the middle of the more modern, almost abstract “KIA”. But apparently, people don’t see “KIA” when they see the logo.Google search data show About 30,000 people search for “KN” every month. This is because I understood the meaning of the logo.

this has been on for a whileI first got a hint of confusion in late summer 2021 when a Reddit post asked, “Has anyone heard of KM cars?”

I’ve seen it twice in northern South Carolina, both near inland ports, with car haulers. The neutral colors of the sedan and his SUV, such as red, gray and black, have no distinguishing features other than the large silver KM logo on the back. Both headed north, but seem brand new.

People in the comments let the poster know that those cars were actually Kia and not “KM.” More than a year later, the logo confusion is still lingering, affecting thousands more. Data shows that people are searching online and asking big questions like:

  • Which car’s logo is KN?
  • Who is the manufacturer of KN cars?
  • What is KN Cars?
  • What about cars with the initials KN?

Our staff also noticed the resemblance to the Nine Inch Nails logo, especially when looking in the rear-view mirror.

kia logo

image: Kia

These are just a few of the actual searches people are doing on Google. I think part of the blame is on both people and Kia. On the one hand, I can understand why Kia’s logo says “KN”. When Kia connects all the letters, it looks like two letters. The top of K touches the top of I and the bottom of I touches the first half of A. There may be small splits between characters. , that’s why drive It pointed outBut on the other hand, considering the logo says KN, the N is too broad to make much sense, to the point of becoming a V. No one I know writes the N that way.

But in the end, it all works out for Kia. It just sparks interest in the brand. People going down the rabbit hole trying to find out who “made that KN car of his” only leads people to find out more about his Kia and that car. So this whole mess could end with Kia selling more cars over misunderstandings.

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