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A Hungarian Town Is About to Become the Heart of Europe’s EV Battery Industry

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A factory worker pushing a cart of battery cells.

The battery business is big business, but is it good for small towns in Hungary?
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Electric vehicle battery production is becoming more and more big business in China and with China. USA Leading the IndustryStill, not to be left behind, Europe is investing in production, and currently a hotspot for battery production is unlikely. Report published on Monday Financial Times.

that hotspot The quiet town of Debrecen, in eastern Hungary, about two and a half hours from Budapest. Home to a Soviet-era air force base and several farms, it is now being targeted by several automakers and their battery partners for huge new production facilities.The development fund is Chinese.

That last bit has some organizations within the EU concerned, but the locals in Debrecen have more pressing concerns about these new mega-factories, which they believe will be good for the environment. is the influence of Debrecen is not particularly close to large natural waterways, making it an unusual choice for a major industrial facility. This means that industrial water use can have a dramatic impact on the quality of life of residents.

Full report by financial times is long, but worth a read if you’re interested in going behind the scenes of the burgeoning electric vehicle industry and understanding its impact on transportation and its implications from a geopolitical and environmental perspective. I have.

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