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An Anodiser That Does Gradients

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Anodizing aluminum is a highly established process that electrolyzes an oxide layer of metal in the presence of dyes to produce a tinting effect, so perhaps everyone has anodized items. You can see it. This is usually an industrial mass production process that produces uniform results, but there are anodizing machines in Dutch design studios that promise to expose aluminum anodizing to new light.Studio Loop Loop magic color machine established Small-scale automated anodizing process driven by a microcontrollerAnd effects such as gradient colors are possible.

Unfortunately Their website Is good at marketing and lacks technical details, but the basic function of a series of chemical baths with pulleys to raise and lower anodized items is understood by Hackaday readers. It’s not that difficult. A short video clip has been posted on Instagram This also gives some ideas. It’s a powerful idea that should lead to an eye-catching job in their studio, but the interest here is in techniques that may inspire others to try. I’m looking forward to the open source version of Gradation Alumite. On the other hand, if you are concerned about anodizing, It’s the subject we visited before..

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