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Couple leave ticketless baby at Israeli airport check-in

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the couple abandoned them Baby at the airport check-in desk in Tel AvivIsrael after arriving without a child ticket.

The unidentified pair were checking in with their baby for a Ryanair flight from Ben Gurion International Airport to Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday.

After it was revealed that the baby didn’t have a ticket, the couple boarded the plane, but left the child behind at the airline’s check-in counter.

The incident has been reported to the police, a Ryanair spokesperson told CNN in an email.

“These passengers traveling from Tel Aviv to Brussels (January 31) showed up for check-in without a reservation for the infant. They then left the infant at check-in and proceeded to security.

“Check-in personnel at Ben Gurion Airport have contacted airport security to retrieve these passengers. This is now a local police matter.”

According to Ryanair’s website, “You can include an infant in your flight booking during the online booking process.” If you plan to travel with an infant, the site will display a pop-up message telling you that your baby has been seated. will indicate a one-way charge of €25 (or US$27) (or equivalent in local currency). on an adult’s lap. If an adult wants a baby to travel in a child seat, the seat fee must be arranged separately.

The Israeli Airports Authority confirmed the episode to CNN and said in a statement:

“A couple with a Belgian passport and an infant arrived on a flight in Terminal 1 without a baby ticket. I ran to the security check in Terminal 1, trying to get to the boarding gate of the plane.”

A spokesman for the Israeli Police told CNN by phone that the matter appeared to have been resolved by the time police arrived on the scene.

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