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Elon Musk Hires PlayStation 3 Jailbreak Hacker To Fix Twitter

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Elon Musk with a microphone.

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George Hotz is prison break iPhone carrier lock and hack Playstation 3Now Elon Musk is working on his most important technical challenge. That is to fix Twitter in his 3 months. Ok, not all. He was hired to fix the now broken Twitter. Search function.

Musk previously tried to hire hackers for Tesla, but they had split between friends Regarding employment conditions. Hotz later founded Comma AI, competing software Competes with Tesla’s autopilot AI.Musk then strengthen with him In 2015, it was debated whether individuals or small companies (such as Comma AI) who “lack broad engineering validation capabilities” could create self-driving software that could be used in real cars. At the time, he clearly didn’t think a start-up like Hotz could beat a major industry giant like Tesla. is being corrected. Character growth: We love to see it.

It all started with Hotz Kudos to Mr. Musk For letting go of someone who didn’t want to work for “hardcore” Twitter. 1 of her Twitter users It pointed out Stating that he supports indentured servitude, Hotz replied: offer indentured service Just the cost of living in San Francisco.Musk showed interest Probably the cheapest tech assistance he’s ever gotten and the rest is history. Kotaku I reached out to Hotz to ask why he wasn’t seeking a full-time position, but by the time of publication had received no response.

Hotz has big plans for her 12 weeks on Twitter.he wants to get rid of it login popup Indicates whether the scroll time is too long.he wants to improve Relevance of search results. Success or not, Hotz has already proven one thing.

There are already indications that Hotz may not be able to replace the entire team after all, Hotz is now the main character on tech Twitter. Ask an engineer for free helpAs some have pointed out, it doesn’t look nice for one of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies to solicit volunteer workers.especially after mask dismissal many full-time engineer who could have helped him with this project. Kotaku I asked Twitter if Hotz would be replacing the recently laid off engineer, but by the time the article was published, I hadn’t heard back.

At least Hotz follows the Silicon Valley tradition of trying to fix what the average user doesn’t care about. “Even with the popup gone, I still think the internship is a success,” he tweeted Hotz. “I have a Chrome extension blocking my laptop.”

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