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Elon Musk’s Twitter Fiasco Is the Twilight of the Tech Bro

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Beloved Kana Weird Twitter Philosopher Drill Once I have writtencontinues to claim “I am not owned! I am not owned!!”, slowly shrinking and transforming into a corn cob [sic]

This tweet from 2011 coined the phrase “corn cobbing.” In Internet terms, this means claiming victory in the face of obvious and humiliating defeat.

Now, the deflation of the social network that allowed Drill to become an absurd folk hero among highly online sets seems almost narratively forced. under leadership of Elon Musk, richest man in the world (For now)――A man who was once touted as a genius, but it is true currently not acting as such.

Musk has lost more than half of his workforce to ill-conceived layoffs and inhumane demands. Advertisers are fleeing.Pitching Verified Checks his mark on a binge with the willingness to provide $8 and credit card information to her website that has lost a good chunk of its security team caused confusion And sometimes hilarious. (In a twist, it must be heartbreaking for Musk who wants to be funny, but he’s not the one responsible for the laughter. Anonymous hero disguised as Eli Lilly.)

A November 21st new york times piece Claim This is Elon Doing Elon, who runs Twitter much like Tesla and SpaceX did in the early days. Reporters expressed a healthy dose of skepticism about whether this approach would work for a different company as Twitter did, while saying this was all part of a strategy that worked before and could work again. I leave it to the realm of possibilities.

In the meantime, Musk hasn’t said much to the media, but he certainly has mutter through itbreak the shit and claim I was going to—Flips his L’s, sticks them together, and tells me they were W’s all along.

Muhammad Selim Korkutata/Anadolu Agency

Let me give you a simpler explanation. Perhaps Elon Musk isn’t the genius boy he’s made for, and never was.

Tens of thousands of tech workers lost their jobs last month, from Meta to Twitter to Amazon. In the coming weeks, industry leaders predict even more jobs will emerge.

Of course, scaling is unavoidable regardless of the industry. But what we see across technology today is more than that.It feels bigger than a gentle wave invisible handThe men who were called geniuses are swearing one after another, and it seems that reality is finally catching up with them.

As a result, the people who worked for them and believed in them are hurt.

The tech industry is a China shop full of bullies…many of its leaders have no idea what they’re doing.

As recently as a month ago, Bahamas-based crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried was in a bullish mood. At 30, he was the face and brains of cryptocurrency exchange FTX.He has appeared in celebrity endorsements, Super Bowl commercials, and the cover of forbes magazineBut between November 8th and November 11th of this year, SBF’s net worth went from an estimated $10.6 billion to $0, demonstrating that the company is doing many things that companies dealing with other people’s money shouldn’t be doing. It became clear that The value of its underlying cryptocurrency has completely collapsed. Bankman-Fried is Mishandling of client funds In a manner similar to what American banks were doing leading up to the stock market crash of 1929.not much genius Action!

Amazon also plans to cut 10,000 jobs as its “global digital” division reportedly lost $3 billion in the first quarter of this year. According to Business Insider, this is because the Alexa virtual assistant that everyone thought was the future of computing 10 years ago wasn’t actually the future of computing. Alexa and related products arepit to lose moneyFor years, it faced controversies that undermined consumer trust, like covertly recording conversations that were supposed to be turned off, and not letting users shop all the time. Maybe Jeff Bezos should have stayed in space.

Said to be Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s brightest mind, he’s been an expensive stink lately. Recently renamed he Meta (no one calls it Meta unless a reporter writes an article or a trader shorts a stock) has poured godlike amounts of money into developing the so-called Metaverse . Consistently buggy, strangely legless user experience.

(Disclosure: From June 2021 to October 2022, I received compensation for creating content on the Meta platform on a contractual basis. I am not an employee of the company and was involved in internal discussions and business did not.)

CEO of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

But just as Elon was launching Twitter, someone impersonating Sam Bankman-Fried created a credible fake list of debacles. $40 million Bahamas penthouseZack announced that 11,000 of his employees are nearly out of work. may fall into

It reads like an own goal.

Perhaps if he had fewer resources to spend setting up camp in the uncanny valley, Facebook would step in and play Twitter’s role rather than being a last resort for his uncle who didn’t want anyone talking on Thanksgiving. It will be a town square ready to fulfill. Did before it started circling the toilet bowl. Hindsight is 20-20 unless you’re strapped into a virtual reality headset and can’t really see anything going on around you.

How much of these tech busts must we go through before we stop lending such glowing credence to the genius CEO myth? how many elizabeth holmes? How many WeWorks? Before we learn our lesson, should we make sure that a prestige streaming miniseries based on the demise of a company started by a charismatic charlatan has been nominated for a functional number of Emmys for Best Supporting Actor?

The weird daddy worship of Silicon Valley’s leaders has always been disgusting to those of us whose brains aren’t in brine. But now we see the tech industry blowing up in epic proportions with the pathological refusal of its leaders to acknowledge its limitations. his “self-drivingTesla.

The tech industry is a pottery store full of bulls. In the sense that without delusional optimism about the potential of all efforts, the whole place would fall apart, and in the sense that many of its leaders would have no idea what they were supposed to do. is doing.

We watch what happens when a culture is built around believing the self-myths of leaders.

Silicon Valley is not a superhero incubator. That leader is not God. Many of them aren’t even geniuses. The more we remember this, the more we can prevent history from repeating itself. and again. and again.

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