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Fanatics to start livestreamed shopping of trading cards, collectibles

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New York, New York. – December 7th. Profile portrait of Michael Rubin, Founder and CEO of Fanatics. At his office in downtown NYC.

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Fanatics has moved to live streaming shopping for collectibles and trading cards, snap and alphabet The executive plans to launch a new business later this year.

Nick Bell previously led the team responsible for the Google Search experience, Global Head of Content and Partnerships at SnapCEO of Fanatics Live, a new division of the sports platform company.

Fanatics Live will feature a standalone app and matching website, and is scheduled to launch in late 2023. Its purpose is to create a digital customer shopping experience where trading cards and other collectibles can be purchased through curated, personality-driven content. and entertainment. Fanatics receive a percentage of each transaction.

“All collectors are fans, but not all fans are collectors,” says the Los Angeles-based Fanatics Collectibles CEO Mike Mahan“We are bringing in people who don’t necessarily classify themselves as collectors today, and opening up to this hobby through a community where they can have fun and hang out with like-minded people, so we can really bring the hobby to life. We have a huge opportunity to grow.”

Nick Bell, then of Snap, spoke on stage in Pasadena, California last January.

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One of the initial areas of focus, Bell said, will be related to “breaking,” a form of social trading card buying that is growing in popularity. Blind Similar to his raffle, a set number of individuals purchase entries from sellers (called “spots”), who publish entire cases of trading cards online and assign each one.

“It’s not just about getting a product and selling it, it’s about creating this really interesting format and experience,” says Bell.

live stream shopping Growing in popularity in AmericaThis is fueled by the rise of online commerce due to the pandemic and brands and retailers wanting to connect with shoppers on their home phones and computers. nordstrom, Petcoand Macy’sBloomingdale’s, owned by .

Walmart, Amazon, eBay and TikTok have already entered the livestream e-commerce market

walmart hosts a live streaming shopping experience called Walmart Live. Recent events focused on Valentine’s Day recommendations, New Year’s resolutions, and fitness-related items. Amazon has live videos available for purchase where individual creators can host videos promoting their products. Ebay has a live platform that allows sellers to live stream auctions and promote other online sales.

Adding shopping features to TikTok Available to Select U.S. Companies This Fall After previously partnering Shopify Allow users to shop within your app.Youtube Partnered with Shopify in July Enable video creators to showcase their products across channels and content. meta We retired the Live Shopping feature on Facebook in October, but the same feature is still available on Instagram.

In the United States, the live-streaming e-commerce market is expected to grow to an estimated $32 billion this year, according to. Consumer market research group Coresight ResearchThis is up from $6 billion in 2020.

However, the latest version of QVC is not as popular as in Asia, which has caused some problems. His Douyin, TikTok’s Chinese sister app, reported that he made $119 billion worth of product sales in 2021 live. 3 times or more YoY.

According to one survey, only 31% of US adults have heard of live shopping, and only 22% have attended a live shopping event. December poll by Morning Consult.

Livestreaming and social commerce “hasn’t started” in the US yet, Bell said, but “it’s inevitable that it will happen.”

“We have a lot of work to do when it comes to the format. Shopping should be a by-product of entertainment, not the way many people have thought. It’s similar to how we think about QVC. said Bell. “I think we’re moving into a slightly different world where it’s really about content and community and shopping is a by-product.”

Leveraging Top Brands in Latest Sports Ventures

For fanatics, there is a huge opportunity to position themselves as the hub of the trading card industry, which is projected to reach $98.7 billion by 2027, according to validated market research.

Other companies are trying to do the same, developing online marketplaces for trading cards. Ebay said trading card sales increased 142% in 2020. Acquired trading card marketplace TCGPlayer $295 million in August. Goldin, who was acquired by an investment group led by hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen in July 2021, launched his card his marketplace online last month.

But the efforts of fanatics Get Top Trading Cards at about $500 million last January. Topps holds MLB trading card rights and MLS, UEFA, Bundesliga and F1 rights. Fanatics previously had a deal to exclusively produce NFL and NBA cards beginning in 2026.

At the time of the Topps acquisition, Fanatics founder and CEO Michael Rubin said, “There’s a tremendous amount of people participating in this hobby, and it’s perfectly suited to provide an integrated direct-to-consumer experience.” It is set.

Bell says collecting card rights and connecting with Topps is a “great strategic advantage.” Fanatics Live may transition to other forms of entertainment and collectibles over time, but will initially focus solely on trading cards.

A deeper push into collectibles is Fanatics’ latest effort to become a one-stop-shop for sports fans. Originally started as an e-commerce company selling sporting goods, the company has grown to own clothing rights to nearly every sporting venue with a database of over 94 million fans.

The company also circles the sports betting market, flutter– owned FanDuel, draft kings, Caesars BetMGM is jointly owned. MGM Resorts

Fanatics opened its first sportsbook last month at FedEx Field, home of the NFL’s Washington Commanders, and was in talks to acquire the BetParx sportsbook. According to an earlier CNBC report,.

Rubin last year sold 10% of the stock Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment, owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils, lets fanatics enter the gambling space. NBA rules prohibit team owners from manipulating gambling platforms.

Fanatic Raises $700 million It raised its valuation to $31 billion in December, according to CNBC, the capital it plans to use for potential merger and acquisition opportunities across its collectibles, gaming and gaming businesses.

The company expects Fanatics revenue, including the Lids segment, to be around $8 billion in 2023.

Fanatic is 3 times CNBC Disruptor 50 company, ranked No. 21 2022.

CNBC is now accepting nominations for its 2023 Disruptors 50 list. learn more We will explain the application qualifications and application method by February 17 (Friday).

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