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Hive Social trends as Twitter alternative: Users report app crashing

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A new update is added at the end of this story…….

The original (released on November 21, 2022) is as follows.

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has been eventful, to say the least. He began his quest to acquire the widely popular social media platform in January of this year. The same month he started buying shares in Twitter.

However, things seem to have spiraled out of control after purchasing the platform. mass layoffs, Twitter Blue Subscription and a new whole twitter 2.0 chaos.

For some, Twitter has been a mess lately, which is why others are searching potential alternativesAfter Mastodon, there now seems to be a shift to Hive Social.

What is Hive Social?

you must be wondering What is Hive SocialWell, it’s similar to Instagram in some ways, but it’s a new social media platform that comes with a chronological feed.

Features include profile music, profile banners, image/gif/text posts, and more.

Hive Social is now trending on Twitter, with users migrating to the platform and being impressed by its first appearance (1,2,3,Four,Five,6,7,8).


Getting familiar with the Hive Social app reminds me of when I first started using social media.i just hope it’s right

Some people feel that it’s just Twitter, uninfluenced by Elon Musk (1,2,3,Four).

It’s a new app that tries to be Twitter, but without Elon (laughs). Cute so far.hive

Gen Z doesn’t want to be monitored and manipulated by algorithms that seem to be getting more and more aggressive every day.

However, there are some reported concerns about Hive Social that readers should be aware of before giving the platform a try.

hive social problem

The recently released Hive Social Android app is currently having serious crashing issues. This prevents users from setting a username, adding a profile picture, or using the platform in general (1,2,3,Four,Five,6,7,8,9).

Hive Social Clash

Apps often crash with different usage patterns. Some have reported crashes when uploading avatars, others when scrolling through posts.

In the past, some thought that Hive Social was crashing because the servers couldn’t keep up with the influx of traffic.

However, the prevalence of this issue over the past 4-5 days suggests that there may be something wrong with the Android app.

I think everyone who says positive things about Hive Social has an iPhone. I thought I was just about to set up my profile so I could post, but no!

First impressions are good. Some notable Android features include jittering when scrolling, app freezes and then crashes on feed update, dark mode appears to reset when app is closed. I can’t wait to see how it grows from here!

Other users have reported that they can’t use an existing image from their phone’s gallery and set it as an avatar or banner (1,2,3,Four,Five).

@TheHIVE_Social Hi, I created an account but I can’t seem to use an existing image on my phone and set it as an avatar or banner. Having trouble with android hive?

The Android app is currently in beta, so it’s not accessible to everyone. But so far, some people have been less impressed with the app (1,2,3,Four,Five).

Hive Social users want a web or desktop version (1,2,3,Four,Five) of the platform to match the competition.

Possible future improvements

Hive Social tweeted today that several improvements are coming to the platform soon to enhance the user experience.

hive support

Possible workaround

Fortunately, we’ve found a potential workaround for an issue where some Hive Social users are unable to upload photos from their gallery.

The first is giving permission for the app to access your photos and videos.

1. Uninstall and reinstall the app, but don’t sign in
2. Go to your phone’s settings
3. Apps and Hive Social
4. Grant “Photos and Videos” permission
5. Open the app and sign in

Another is something like:

Workaround for Hive avatar upload

We will monitor this issue and update this article when we encounter anything worth noting.

Update 1 (November 22, 2022)

12:10 PM IST: Hive Support is currently actively addressing user complaints about ongoing bugs and has also announced several new features coming soon to the platform.

Bug fixes:

1. they have Confirmed A fix is ​​coming soon to make loading the gallery easier.

2. We are also having an issue where NSFW posts retain their NSFW status when reposted. patched.

3. The team work Solve the hashtag problem.

4. If you can’t sign in to the app or enter your password when logging in, Hive Support To tell You can try to log in using your Google or Apple account, as email authentication quotas are currently limited. But they are working to increase it.

new function:

1. Hive support is Confirmed We plan to add multiple account functionality to the platform soon.

2. Also, Web version ‘s Hive is about to start.

5:57 PM (IST): Elon Musk doesn’t seem bothered by a few people switching to other platforms. Response to one of the user’s tweets.

Everyone seems to have forgotten Hive’s Mastodon platform, which led him to remove ‘lmao’.

Update 2 (23 Nov 2022)

11:23 AM (IST): In response to user queries, Hive support Confirmed We are planning to release a stability update for the Android app soon.

Support also said they would add it soon Ability to control the home feed and fix notification bug.

Additionally, if you’re unable to upload images because the gallery isn’t loading, here are some workarounds that may help resolve this issue.

PSA. If you’re in Hive on Android and can’t add an image because the gallery won’t load, hold down the app icon and click Info, Permissions, Photos. I see that it is set to allow. Switch to Deny, confirm, then switch back to Allow and confirm. It somehow fixed it for me. (sauce)

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