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iPhone plant workers in China beaten by police during revolt over COVID, pay – National

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Foxconn Technology GroupA company that assembles iPhones in China has issued an apology after protesting its employees. beaten by police outside their factory.

They also said they would pay 10,000 yuan ($1,867) to workers who decided to quit.

Workers at a factory in Zhengzhou revolted this week after complaining that Foxconn had changed wage terms to attract workers to jobs. They also claimed Foxconn was forced to share a dormitory with his co-worker who tested positive for COVID-19.

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iPhone maker Foxconn apologizes after mass protests at Chinese factory

In this photo provided on November 23, 2022, security guards in hazmat suits look inside a factory site run by Foxconn Technology Group, which operates the world’s largest Apple iPhone factory, in Zhengzhou, central China’s Henan province. were seen carrying people during the protest.

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Anxiety has also spilled over into ordinary Chinese citizens, with many unhappy with the ruling Communist Party’s continued push for a “zero coronavirus” strategy, resulting in weeks or even months of Snap lockdowns that can last for months occur frequently.

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The ruling party recently pledged to reduce disruption by shortening quarantines, but continues to attempt to isolate all cases of the virus.

On Thursday, people in Zhengzhou’s eight districts, with a total of 6.6 million inhabitants, told to stay home for 5 daysDaily mass testing was ordered because of the “war on extermination” against the virus.

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COVID-19: Visitors seen trapped inside Shanghai Disneyland after lockdown was imposed

in the meantime, Apple. has warned that fewer devices will be shipped internationally in the coming weeks. There have already been reports of delays for the new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. CNN reported last week that some U.S. companies The phone won’t arrive until the new year.

In Zhengzhou, Foxconn’s many New employees travel long distances Get jobs at factories after Foxconn offers higher wages, Associated Press reports.

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To attract new workers, Foxconn offered 25,000 yuan ($4,663) for two months of labor, employees said. This is almost 50% higher than what news reports say is the usual top wage.

But Bloomberg says factory workers do not receive high wages Foxconn has promised unless he stays at work until March 2023.

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The Taiwanese company that assembles electronics for Apple and other brands has blamed this week’s woes on technical glitches in its computer systems. They promised to pay the employee a guarantee fee.

“We apologize for any input errors in our computer system and can assure you that the actual salary is the same as agreed and the official recruitment poster,” the company statement said. “We will do our best to proactively resolve employee concerns and reasonable requests,” he said.

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Videos posted on social media this week showed violent disturbances outside a factory, with police in white hazmat suits beating and kicking workers during protests on Tuesday and Wednesday. was seen hanging. Workers were seen destroying surveillance cameras, destroying barricades, and fighting guards.

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The company is trying to rebuild its workforce last month following a strike by employees suspected of being in unsafe conditions.

Thousands of Foxconn Employees left the factory In October, they were put into a partial COVID lockdown at the beginning of the month before escalating to a “closed-loop” lockdown at the company’s Zhengzhou campus by mid-October. Workers should live on-site to ensure continuity and limit the risk of COVID-19.

Lockdown caused a crisis with workers Caught on a video hopping fence to escape quarantine Hitchhiking vehicles with passing truckers and drivers.

According to media reports at the time, hundreds of thousands of Foxconn workers trapped inside factory We didn’t have a clear picture of the number of active COVID-19 cases on campus.

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Foxconn said factories had returned to normal operations by Wednesday night, but it is becoming increasingly clear that China’s hardline COVID strategy is disrupting the global economy and affecting supply chains around the world. is becoming

“We have members of the Apple team at our supplier Foxconn’s Zhengzhou facility,” Apple said in a statement, without elaborating on the supply delay. “We have reviewed the situation and are working closely with Foxconn to ensure that employee concerns are addressed.”

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Earlier this month, Counterpoint analyst Ivan Lam told CNN that between 10% and 30% of iPhone 14 production could be affected by the Zhengzhou factory disruption.He said that the Zhengzhou campus is the largest 85% of all iPhone production.

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