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Major advertisers are fleeing Twitter, says Washington Post

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Washington Post A third of Twitter’s top 100 advertisers report not advertising on Twitter for two weeks or more. Companies that don’t want their brands associated with Musk’s trolls include Jeep, Mars, Merck, Kellogg’s, Verizon, and Boston Beer.

from Washington Post:

Matthew Quinto, director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business School, said many companies “have been criticized by various stakeholders and consumers for connecting with content deemed inflammatory.” The challenge for them and for Twitter, he said, is that Musk has become “a very powerful brand and a controversial brand in his own right.”

“The more he’s on the front lines, the more advertisers … may choose to say they’re not yet ready to engage deeply with Musk’s platform at this point,” Quint said.

In the past few days, Elon Musk has recruited well-known hatemen, including manosphere influencers Andrew Tate, Kanye West, Jordan Peterson, Donald Trump, and Marjorie Taylor Green, to his far-right social network. re-platformed to . This is unlikely to cause controversy-averse brands to reconsider their views on Twitter’s harmfulness.

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