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Musk Refused to Pay Twitter Execs’ Past Travel Expenses: NYT

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  • Elon Musk has refused to pay Twitter travel expenses incurred before the acquisition, the NYT reports.
  • A source told the NYT that Musk’s team was unable to answer calls from travel agents.
  • That’s when Musk started cutting Twitter costs. Insider Kari Hayes reported.

Elon Musk refused to pay for travel expenses that Twitter recorded before the acquisition. new york times reported on Tuesday.

Current and former Twitter staffers told The Times that company executives had amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel bills before the billionaire was acquired in late October. Twitter was expected to pay those bills, a source told the publication.

But when Musk became the owner of Twitter, he refused to pay those bills, former and current employees told The Times. said Twitter’s former management approved the travel expenses, not Musk, they added.

Since Twitter changed ownership, Musk staff have avoided answering calls from travel agents, current and former employees told The Times.

The Times did not disclose an exact figure for the total amount on the travel bill. Twitter did not immediately respond to an Insider’s request for comment, which was made after US business hours.

Twitter has introduced new guidelines for work-related travel. company email It was viewed by Insider Kali Hays and sent to Twitter employees on Monday.

The email said that Twitter staff travel must be for “essential business purposes” and that the travel and estimated costs must be approved by a manager before arrangements can be made.

A senior vice president or member of the “CEO staff” can spend $20,000 on work-related travel, vice presidents can spend $10,000, directors $5,000, and managers $500.

In an email to staff, Twitter said it was cutting costs. The company said it had “discontinued” a number of perks, including home WiFi, wellness, and quarterly team activities. free lunchMusk said it would cost more $400 The price per meal over the last 12 months could also be significantly reduced as the company said it was moving to a “partially paid model.”

In an email, Twitter said it was facing “challenging economic conditions that require greater attention to cost control.”

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