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Obviously, Dril gave the best interview about Elon Musk’s Twitter

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk
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Amid the Twitter discomfort Writhing under the yoke of its newly installed owner, Elon Musk, Washington PostSecured by Taylor Lorenz of What’s the ultimate comment on Musk’s new birth Site Leadership: An Interview with Twitter User Dril was once an online comedian memorable dubbing Former “Patron Saint of the Internet” porn club Editor Clayton Purdum.

As many have pointed out, Dril is sort of the archetype for the kind of online poster that Musk seems to covet. Funny, unpredictable, and totally unconcerned with looking cool. Of course it’s very cool. (No wonder Musk once posted a meme that was the classic DLil jokes with all identifying markers In this week alone, you can find clear evidence of prolific posting ability.: Musk “like trolling”“I didn’t touch you”,” D.Lil only roasted Musk alive in an interview. “Elon seems to be one of those classic comedy showmen,” he told Lorenz at one point during an interview. “Everything he does is comedy.

Continuation of the theme, Dril took aim at Musk’s promise to start reducing the algorithm’s focus on “negative” tweets. shadow vanning practice. “M.y Freedom of speech has been eradicated.” DLill insisted. “Let’s say a Tesla hits my son and kills him. It’s not negative that Tesla ran into my son and killed him. It’s a work in progress, so no problem. ”

The whole interview is like that — the sort of high-wire act of cynicism, self-deprecation, and downright weirdness that epitomizes a very specific kind of online comedy. (At some point, Dlil is heI won’t pay for the blue check mark, but if the mask offers to say hellojob,”I consider it my duty to answer that call. I absolutely do. I will be his dog and obey his every command like a loathsome dog. I beg his mercy and would like to learn to code if he is willing. ”It is endangered by Musk’s handling of the service.

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