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Pearson Airport Was Named Most Stressful Airport In North America & It’s An ‘Embarrassment’

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Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is trying to rebuild. defamation Since summer, but despite some Recent improvementspeople don’t seem to forget airport troubles anytime soon.

Pearson Airport has been named the “most stressful” airport in North America and the fourth most stressful airport in the world.

Recent Research by Hawaiian Islands looked at over 1,500 Google reviews from over 500 airports around the world to determine the percentage of reviews that indicated a stressful airport experience.

According to the data, 76% of Pearson passengers say they are stressed.

“Sentiment analysis from TensiStrength found that 76.0% of reviews for Toronto Pearson International Airport indicated stress, the most of any airport in North America,” said the study. “The most commonly cited phrases in negative reviews include ‘customs’, ‘immigration’, ‘transit’, ’embarrassment’ and ‘lost luggage’. From May 26, 2022, he had 52.5% of his scheduled flights in Toronto Pearson delayed through July 19, according to FlightAware data compiled by CNN Travel. ”

It reminds me of that chaotic summer.

The findings added insult to injury when they pointed out that “the busiest airports aren’t necessarily the most stressful.”

“New York’s JFK Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, but the most stressful airport in New York and the United States is in Albany. Sentiment analysis from TensiStrength shows that 70.2% of Google reviews for Albany International Airport are: “Stress – higher than at any airport in the country,” read the study. “Reviewers generally warn fellow travelers to use JFK or LaGuardia if given the choice.”

Outside of North America, Manchester Airport in the UK was named the world’s most stressful airport, with 82.5% of reviews indicating stress.

Nine of the world’s 10 most stressful airports are also in Europe, but the study noted that ‘travelers tend to be more stressed when traveling to other parts of the world’. I’m here.

Except for Pearson, however, other Canadian airports have also done pretty poorly.

Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL) was ranked the 19th most stressful airport in North America, with an aggregate stressed review score of 56.75%.

Canadian airports ranked in stressful reviews. hawaiian islands

Calgary International Airport (YYC) and Vancouver International Airport (YVR) performed well, with less than 50% of stressed reviews aggregated.

The study found that Ottawa International Airport performed best, with 25.9% of passengers indicating that they were stressed when transiting through the airport.

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