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People Are Sharing Weird But Delicious Food Pairings

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you’ve probably heard the phrase Do not eat other people’s yam. Well, after all, there are some downright weird-sounding food pairings that people absolutely swear by. u/thecoomdaddy420 asked, “What? strange food combinations Does it work amazingly?” Here’s what people had to say.


“Strawberry and black pepper. It’s a pepper that enhances the strawberry flavor without making you feel hot.”


“Balsamic vinegar for ice cream is great, but you need to use good, thick balsamic…not grocery store trash.”


“One of my favorite combinations is potato chips dipped in a chocolate, peanut butter, banana smoothie. It was one of the things I craved during my pregnancy and I would love to try it again someday.” .”


“Dill pickles with sharp cheddar cheese and thick peanut butter. I developed this snack when my wife was pregnant (somehow, her cravings also inspired me). It has become a main product of


“French fries and powdered sugar.


“You may have heard of French fries dipped in a milkshake, but listen…chicken nuggets dipped in a milkshake.”


“I make a tuna salad with most of the fruit I have in the fridge (I usually combine several fruits): diced grapes, chopped apples or pears, tangerines, etc. I learned this from my father, I used to hate it, but as I’ve gotten older there’s something about the interaction of sweet and salty and the crunchy texture of the fruit that I love.


“A slice of cheese (think Kraft Singles) melted over apple pie. When I tell people about my favorite combination, people look at me like I kicked a puppy, but it’s it’s delicious.”


“Beef flavored ramen with peanut butter. It may sound strange, but it tastes like delicious Thai peanuts.”


“I love a slice of pickled dill on my mac and cheese. It sounds disgusting, but I love that little crunchy bite of creamy cheese. I’m not ashamed.”


“Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with salt and vinegar chips. It may sound strange, but the crunchiness of the chips, the softness of the bread, and the sweet jam and salty chips are the perfect combination.”


Sweet potato fries dipped in maple syrup, especially if the fries are salted. trust me. “


“I love snacking on carrots dipped in peanut butter. Everyone always thinks it’s weird for me to eat that, but it was a staple of my childhood.”


“Milk and Coke. All my friends teased me for drinking this combination when I was younger. The idea originally came from seeing it. Laverne & Shirley (I don’t like Pepsi). Plus, when I was a kid, her grandmother always made me Coke floats. If you love soda floats, try this one. “


“My dad and grandma got addicted to putting applesauce in their mac and cheese! I know it’s disgusting, but don’t try it until you try it.”


“My husband loves toast with peanut butter, mayonnaise and tomatoes. It’s like his go-to ‘taste of home’ sandwich. I admit it was surprisingly flavorful and had a great texture, even though I didn’t have it.”


“Banana and pepperoni. I even turn this combination into a mayonnaise sandwich.”


“Cheese curds and caramel. I thought it would taste awful, but it’s actually something else.”


“Cottage cheese, Tabasco hot sauce, and Raffles potato chips.”


“Hot Cheetos on a bagel and cream cheese. Believe me, this is amazing.”

twenty one.

“Cheese and raspberry jam on toast. Basically poor man’s Danish food.”

twenty two.

“Potato chips dipped in vanilla pudding. I promise you it tastes just like heaven.”

twenty three.

“Curry powder on mac and cheese. It goes surprisingly well.”

twenty four.

“Cream cheese and green olive sandwiches. Grandma made them and she always knows best.”

twenty five.

“Cinnamon toast crunch with chocolate milk. This was my favorite breakfast in high school. Everyone thought it was crazy to eat it, but it’s so good.”


“I dip buttered toast in tea. I really like the taste of tea when it has a greasy film of butter on it.”


“Orange juice and milk. I think it’s really disgusting. But it actually tastes like a creamsicle bar. When I was little I mixed these two ingredients together and they stuck together. I don’t eat that much as an adult. I have to admit that it’s also delicious.”


“It’s a mixture of glutinous rice and ketchup.

Weird and nasty as it sounds, what food combinations actually taste good? Let us know in the comments.

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