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Tesla launches revamped Referral Program with credit system

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Tesla’s popular referral program is back. The electric car maker has rolled out a credit-based referral program that lets customers choose the rewards they want to get for referrals, according to reports from Tesla owners in the United States. It extends to in-vehicle upgrades such as suites.

Tesla’s referral program was an important marketing tool for early EV makers. Especially since it became an incentive for owners to encourage their friends, family and acquaintances to join the Tesla ecosystem. Tesla’s initial referral program resulted in a wave of owners pushing the company and its products, and finally managed to get enough referrals. Get Some Free Qualifications car.

The referral program was later revamped by Tesla to include a more modest set of prizes. This makes sense given that it was rolled out as the Model 3 and later the Model Y became popular.Offering free Supercharger miles and some cool free items, the program is officially Tesla discontinued last year.

Signs that there was a referral program comeback First reported by Tesla Software Tracker tesla scope Last month, a new text string was added to the Tesla mobile app for referral redemption. The text strings referred to free Supercharger miles, official merchandise, and vehicle accessories. After all, those reports were right, because Tesla’s revamped referral program comes with these very incentives.

If you look at Tesla’s current referral program, you’ll see that owners earn credit for each referral. So far, only Tesla’s Sola Roof and Solar Panels are listed with referral credit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if an update rolls out to include the company’s vehicle lineup. Earn credits each (6,000 credits each) to redeem items and services from your Loot Box in the Tesla mobile app.

Videos and photos shared online by Tesla owners item Purchases made in the Tesla Shop can be redeemed through referral program credits. For example, Tesla’s “Let the Sun Shine” T-shirt is worth 700 credits, and novelty his items such as Tesla Sipping Glasses are worth 1,750 credits. Larger items like the Wall Connector are worth 6,000 credits and the J1772 Wall Connector is worth 11,000 credits.

Tesla’s Support page Please note that the new referral program does not limit the number of credits someone can earn, but the credits themselves expire 12 months from the date of each grant. A no-return, no-exchange policy is also implemented for redeemed items. US Tesla owners who want to start earning credits through referrals are also advised to ensure their mobile he app is updated to the latest version v4.14.4. Access new loot boxes.

Learn more about Tesla’s revamped credit-based referral program here here.

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Tesla launches revamped referral program with credit system

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