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The FBI Is Investigating a Cyberattack on Continental Tire

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Continental sign in front of the office building entrance.

Headquarters of Continental AG in Hannover, Germany
Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/Picture Alliance (Getty Images)

Earlier this month, tire manufacturers Continental revealed that it was targeted in a cyberattack in August.German Company It also announced that it was investigating a data breach. However, Continental declined to comment on reports that the data was being sold online after refusing to pay the ransom. now, American authorities help Look for answers.

Reuters reported that America debtBI I am currently participating in a survey.of Federal law enforcement agencies have been brought under investigation by German security officials.report state That hacker put in Data stolen online. Budget, investment, strategic plans and some customer information from Continental.The Data Claimed Has Value $50 million. continental is currently the third largest tire manufacturer in the world. Michelin and Bridgestone.

such cyber attacks is occurring frequently in the automotive industry. during February Cyber ​​attack hits Toyota To temporarily shut down all of that Domestic production base. coincidence or notthe attack on Toyota came shortly after the Japanese government allied with Ukraine following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. When Men October, 7 GB Internal documents stolen from Ferrari Published online as Italian Supercar manufacturer had a hard time deciding How did the cyber attack take place?

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