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Twitter faces questions over hate speech as it appears to disband Brussels office | Twitter

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According to media reports, Twitter has dissolved its entire Brussels office, raising questions about whether the social media company is complying with new EU laws governing big tech.

Julia Mozer and Dario La Nasa, who were in charge of Twitter’s European digital policy, said: The Financial Times reported that he left the company last week.The pair survived the initial shakeout when new owner Elon Musk laid off thousands of employees after buying it last month.It’s unclear if they were fired or chose to retire. Musk’s ultimatum Either commit to working long hours “very hardcore” or quit.

It was also unclear whether Twitter, the European capital of one of the world’s largest centers of tech regulation, would close its offices.

Questions to the Twitter press office were not answered, but Moser and La Nasa did not immediately respond to messages.

Twitter in the first round of layoffs About half of the 7,500 employees laid off, disbanding entire teams including human rights, machine learning, and algorithmic ethics. Among the thousands who lost their jobs was the head of the Brussels office, Stephen Turner. He tweeted on November 14th: “After 6 years, I’m officially retiring from Twitter. It’s been an amazing journey from setting up an office in Brussels to building a great team.”

The collapse of a small team in Brussels has cast doubt on the company’s ability to curb the power of Big Tech and enforce new rules meant to limit hate speech.

EU officials are said to have many contacts based in Dublin, home to Twitter’s European headquarters, but their offices are also facing a 50% cut. A European Commission spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that we are in active and ongoing communication with Twitter (and other platforms) on a variety of topics.

Officials are confident that his resignation from his Brussels office does not threaten Twitter’s ability to comply with key EU laws affecting large tech companies.

The news came as the commission revealed that Twitter, like most other tech companies, has been slow to respond to reports of hate speech. In 2016, the large social media company agreed a code of conduct with his EU executives promising to evaluate most hate speech notifications within 24 hours. In his 7 weeks of the year, Twitter Only rated 54% of notifications within 24 hoursas part of the general performance hit caused by most signers to the code.

The company will also have to grapple with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, a landmark piece of legislation aimed at curbing the dominance of large platforms that came into effect this month.

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