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VW teases second-generation ID.3 EV with design and tech upgrades

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Volkswagen’s electric vehicle lineup has matured enough to introduce a second-generation model, and the company seems to take criticism to heart. VW is teased redesign of ID.3 Address complaints about the first version while upgrading technology. The compact EV has a ‘mature’ design with a sharper exterior and quality interior materials. Functionality has also improved, with a large 12-inch infotainment display, his two cup holders in the center console and a removable luggage compartment floor.

Technology may be central. VW has stressed that his new ID.3 will use the company’s “latest” software platform. It also reflects feature upgrades such as easier paid EV charging, adaptive lane guidance and parking assistance.


VW won’t formally unveil the revamped ID.3 until spring, and pre-orders that are currently on order won’t arrive until the fourth quarter of 2023 due to “high volume orders.” However, the Life trim’s current starting price of €43,995 (approximately $43,600) will remain. Business, Style, Max and Tour variants are also available.

No mention is made of which markets will get the new EV. However, as before, ID.3 is not expected to launch in North America. VW continues to focus on crossovers and SUVs Like ID.4 in this market and in the The fledgling Chattanooga EV factory Still, the second-generation ID.3 is worth a look to preview what to expect from these transatlantic revisions of the model. but, ford When Nissan.

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