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When to put on winter tires in Canada: Here’s how to tell

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The best time to put winter tires on depends on the temperature and where you live. (stock image)

Wearing winter tires is a rite of passage in Canada. In most countries, drivers are legally required to use winter tires when temperatures drop.

Exact guidelines may vary depending on where you live, but you should replace your summer tires with winter tires. Otherwise, you risk being fined or getting into an accident.

Read on to learn what winter tires are, why you need them, and when to put them on your car.

What are winter tires?

Simply put, winter tires are specifically designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures and handle the specific road conditions associated with winter weather. cold road, like ice and snow.

Finding winter tires is very easy. All tires are marked on the sidewall to indicate the type of tire (summer, all-season, winter).

Winter tires, also called snow tires, Mountain symbol of three peaks with snowflakes inside Indicates that it is for winter driving. The M+S (mud and snow) symbol appears next to this symbol.

If you see tires with the M+S symbol and no mountain symbol, they are all-season tires. These tires can handle small winter weather, but they are not designed to withstand the harsh Canadian winters.

Do you need winter tires in Canada?

If the weather is cold, snowy and icy, you need winter tires.All season his tires may be acceptable in your area, but in some parts of Canada Winter tires are legally required.

Winter tires offer excellent grip in winter conditions, distance traveled by the car when brakingAlso, the tread of winter tires is Aimed at repelling slashes and grabbing snow Allows tires to maintain maximum contact with the road surface.

The rubber used in winter tires is also specially Designed to withstand the coldwhich keeps the tire soft and malleable and prevents it from hardening in reaction to low temperatures.

When to put winter tires on your car

Here’s how to know when to put winter tires on your car.

Be careful of the temperature

Ideally you should wait until the temperature is reached below 7 degrees Celsius every day before installing winter tires. If you use winter tires before the weather turns bad, you’ll notice that your car’s drivability will suffer. accelerate, break quickly, turn quickly.

Additionally, snow or ice on the road can reduce handling as tires wear out faster.

With the occasional warm winter day, your tires should be fine, but use extreme caution when driving and evaluate tire tread each winter season.

Check State and Local Laws

To avoid fines, you’ll need to check your state’s laws to determine when you’re legally required to put winter tires on your car. Although not legally mandated across Canada, certain regions require the use of winter tires during certain periods of time.

For example, in Quebec, Drivers must use marked tires From December 1st to March 15th every year, it is the symbol of Mt. Quebec is the only province with this law, but other local laws exist.

For example, British Columbia requires drivers to use marked winter tires (or tires with chains) on most roads. From October 1st to March 31stIn other regions, these requirements will be extended until April 30th.

Please check your local regulations to ensure that you comply with local laws regarding the use of winter tires.

Should I wait until it starts snowing to put my winter tires on?

You don’t have to wait until it snows to put your winter tires on. I do not recommend doing soInstead, put on your winter tires before the snow or ice hits and be ready.

A closeup shot of the wheels of a white car parked on the street and stuck in the snow.  (stock image)

A closeup shot of the wheels of a white car parked on the street and stuck in the snow. (stock image)

If you want to use studded tires in winter, you have to wait for the snow to fall. Studs can damage roads when in direct contact.

Snow tires are required to drive in Canada’s harsh winters, and winter tires are legally required in certain parts of the country.

Check the tread of your winter tires before each year of use and replace any that are excessively worn.winter tires are Lasts about 4-5 seasons You also need a tread indicator to let you know when it’s time to replace.

Check your local regulations to determine when to switch to winter tires and wait until the average temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius.

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