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Alberta justice minister calls for firing of RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

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Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro has called on the federal government to remove RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lackey, saying her tenure has hurt the National Police.

In a statement Wednesday, Chandolo called on Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino to immediately revoke Lucky’s appointment.

“Alberta has lost faith in Mr Luckey,” Mr Chandlo said in a statement.

“RCMP commissioners must adhere to the highest standards. So far, Minister Mendicino has been lazily on the sidelines, but Commissioner Lucky has failed to meet even the slightest standards for the past two years. was.

“This is a waiver of the minister’s core responsibilities to the Canadian people and must be remedied before it damages the RCMP’s reputation for further undermining Canada’s federal police services.”

At the scrum in Ottawa on Tuesday, Mendicino said he would not fire Lucky.

“I am confident and the government has put their trust in Commissioner Lucky. Obviously when her term begins, her first term will begin and there will be a process around that.”

Mendicino said there was “honesty” in the appointment process that nominated Lucky as commissioner in April 2018, and that discussions would take place when her term reached its “natural conclusion.”

CBC has asked Lucky for her response to Shandro’s takedown request, but has yet to receive a response.

In a statement Wednesday, Shandro said Lucky “failed to openly and openly address the RCMP’s history of systemic racism”, jeopardizing the integrity of the shooting investigation.

“Furthermore, as was revealed last week, she failed to inform the Federal Cabinet of all of her law enforcement options. emergency law.”

Shandro said Lucky escaped accountability in two large public investigations and was unable to make changes to maintain public trust in the RCMP.

Shandro is scheduled to speak to reporters at 1 p.m. MT about his request for Lucki’s dismissal.

Lucki was appointed in 2018. She was embroiled in several controversies during her tenure and faced previous calls for her resignation.

Most recently, she was faced with questions about her role in the federal government’s use of the Emergency Act to quell protests that have roiled parts of downtown Ottawa for weeks.

She was asked this month to testify in a public inquiry into the use of the law.

Lucky has repeatedly voiced support for invoking emergency laws. But the night before the federal government invoked the law, she told a senior public security official that the police had not exhausted “all the tools available.”

In Tuesday’s testimony, Mendicino said Lucky shared confidential police information with him the day before the government decided to invoke the act, saying some protesters in Alberta ” He warned that he would be willing to “support the

The minister said he spoke with Lucki on February 13 and updated him on plans to carry out police operations in a blockade near Coutts on the Alberta-Montana border.

Mendicino said he told Lucky he couldn’t keep information about the potential loss of life at Coutts to himself. He shared it with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Katie Telford, Trudeau’s chief of staff.

Mendicino was also questioned about a Feb. 13 email Lucky sent to his chief of staff, which was previously registered in evidence.

The minister said Lucky expressed a different view in a conversation with her.

“It also said a lot about the commissioner’s mindset that serious violence could escalate in the Coutts situation.

The blockade and protests at the Coutts border ended after the execution of a warrant against trailers and property before dawn on February 14. As a result of this operation, the RCMP seized over ten of his firearms, ammunition, body and his armor.

Later that day in Ottawa, Trudeau announced that the government would take unprecedented steps to invoke emergency powers.

Lucky was also embroiled in a controversy related to the 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia, with allegations that she interfered in a police investigation.

Lacchi testified before the Commission on Public Safety and National Security about allegations that then-Secretary of Public Safety Bill Blair pressured her to release details of the gun used in the shooting.

Lucky and Blair appeared before the committee this summer. Both denied interfering with the RCMP investigation.

At the time, Lucki said he provided false information to Blair’s office due to a misunderstanding between his subordinates and himself.

Lucki has also repeatedly faced calls for a response to systemic racism in the police force. He told several media outlets that he is “struggling” to do so.

Under the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act and the direction of the Minister of Public Safety, Lucki administers and administers the RCMP. This includes overseeing the delivery of frontline police services in most states and all territories.

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