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An Alberta paramedic responded to a car crash. She only learned later the dying victim was her daughter

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An Alberta paramedic who responded to a car accident without knowing his daughter was a victim says he remembers his teenage daughter as a creative and fiery “firecracker.”

On November 15th, paramedic Jayme Erickson was involved in an accident near Airdrie when two cars collided. A family friend and paramedic, Richard Reed, said Erickson treated a seriously injured teenage girl trapped in a car for more than 20 minutes in the cold. Airlifted.

At the time, Erickson didn’t know the teenager was his daughter, Montana Dobrey, 17.

In a Facebook post a few days later, Erickson wrote that his worst paramedic nightmare had happened. Shortly after responding to her scene, she learned that her passenger whom she treated was her daughter, whom she did not recognize due to the extent of her injuries.

Montana Dobrey, 17, was killed in a crash near Airdrie last week. (Courtesy of Richard Reed)

“A few minutes after I got home the doorbell rang. My life changed forever. The RCMP came to my door to let me know my daughter had an accident. “The seriously injured patient I just cared for was my own flesh and blood. My only child. My mini-me. My daughter, Montana,” Erickson wrote in the post.

“I was taken [Foothills Medical Centre] To see my baby girl, I was informed that her injuries were not life compatible. ”

Reed said on November 15, when two women were driving back from walking their dogs in Big Hill Springs State Park, their vehicle lost control and was struck by an oncoming vehicle, causing them to crash into the vehicle. It inflicted severe damage and injured everyone involved.

Jamie Erickson is an Alberta paramedic. (CBC)

Speaking from the Airdrie Fire Department on Tuesday, Erickson said the death in Montana is echoing in the state’s first responder community.

“Anyone who knows Montana would call her a firecracker,” she said.

“If you were her friend, she would love you fiercely. She will love you to the ends of the world and come back, and she will do anything for you.”

She added that her daughter was a competitive swimmer who fought for what she wanted and dreamed of becoming a lawyer after high school.

Jamie said Montana was a competitive swimmer. (Courtesy of Richard Reid)

She said Montana was an organ donor who provided two life-saving donations.

“She has helped others after this tragedy. We know that was what she wanted and we are very proud of her. And We will miss her so much.”

Airdrie Fire Department platoon leader Chad Durocher said he saw Montana grow up with his own children in the community.

“Sweet and fiery Montana was the absolute light in mother Jamie and stepfather Sean’s life,” he said.

He said first responders share the terrifying fear of having to attend a call where the patient is a parent, spouse, friend or child.

“Seeing tragedy and horrific loss is a reality we are forced to face in uniform every day.”

AHS spokesperson James Wood said Alberta Health Services EMS extends its heartfelt condolences to the family.

“AHS will provide support to EMS staff, including family members, through our EMS Peer Support Team. Our Crisis Response Team and our Employee and Family Assistance Planning Team will be available to provide immediate support,” said Wood. wrote in a statement.

The cause of the collision is still under investigation, according to RCMP.

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