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Animal shelter boss chases bunny dumpers out of parking lot

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Shelter management kicks driver out of parking lot in brand new Mercedes after a dozen rabbits are abandoned

“We can’t abandon pets here, but we also don’t want them abandoned in parks.”

Christa Shaw BC SPCA’s Richmond Animal Center The manager had mixed feelings after chasing a car in the shelter parking lot last Friday.

Shaw had just witnessed a driver in a “brand new Mercedes” unload four boxes onto a bench in the parking lot of 5th Street Center.

Inside the box were 12 baby rabbits that were no more than 5-6 weeks old.

“I witnessed the whole thing… Thankfully I got their license plate, so we’re on it,” Shaw told Richmond News.

“They were in good shape. A note was left for us. They said they got what they thought were three female rabbits, but one of them They are males and now we have 12. No more males.”

“At the beginning of January, the exact same thing happened. Eight rabbits were abandoned in a parking lot. They were very similar, and the handwriting on the notes was very similar.”

Shaw said he couldn’t say for certain that it was the same person, but that “the situation is very similar.”

BC SPCA investigating bunny dumps

She reiterated that animal abandonment is a crime and that the BC SPCA is “actively investigating this.”

Shaw said the center needed to be relocated to accommodate new tenants and is now seeking fresh, sealed supplies for unexpected visitors.

“We need a lot of rabbit supplies, like hay and food, but we still have RHD[rabbit hemorrhagic disease]so we have to buy them unpackaged and unopened from the store,” she added. Hay, fresh uncut vegetables, and greens like alfalfa are best, but avoid iceberg lettuce.

Also, if you find yourself in a similar situation to those who “dumped and dashed” last week, please contact the BC SPCA first.

“[Abandoning animals]is a crime, but I don’t want to scare people… give us a call and we’ll work with you. I don’t want to be abandoned in the park.”

“And even if you think[your new rabbit]is the same sex, get him spayed or neutered, get the latest vaccines, and get him microchipped.”

To contact the Center in Richmond, call (604) 277-3100, email [email protected], or visit www.spca.bc.ca. https://spca.bc.ca/locations/richmond/

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