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Appelt Properties chastised by city council for its idea of attainable housing – Kelowna News

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The developers of the former RCMP site on Doyle Avenue will have to go back to the drawing board if they want to get a development permit for the 25-story Muse development.

The council unanimously rejected the application, stating that the developer’s definition of 26 rental studio suites in the 259-unit tower, “achievable housing,” was unfeasible.

Planner Terry Burton told the council that the definition of achievable rental rates outlined in the application is 30% of the median gross household income in Central Okanagan.

Mayor Tom Dyas led the council to a discussion on the fees themselves, saying these calculations would lead to an annual housing income of $80,000, establishing a fixed monthly rent of $2,000.

“I believe this agreement does not fit the means by which we consider the establishment of affordable housing within this community,” Dyas said.

“In my view it doesn’t seem to fit the boundaries as to whether it is achievable or affordable, so it is important that the Council discuss this before going any further. I think.”

One of the previous council’s top priorities was to promote rental housing of all types, but veteran Kaung said: Luke Stack said he questioned the affordability or attainability of paying $2,000 a month for a studio apartment.

“I struggle to take into account the fact that you can go to Castanet and search for studio units renting at $1,350, $1,400, $1,450 per month at today’s market rates,” Stack said.

“Comparing this to what we saw last week, they used income as the median income of CHMC renters, which is $47,500 a year.

“The rental fee for the studio will be about $1,180 a month, which is less than what we can rent today.”

Not cheap, but more attainable, he says.

“I am insulted by this report,” Kaun said. Maxine Dehart, Count. Mohini Singh called it “disloyal”.

“This is city-owned land,” Singh continued. “We have to lead by example.”

The council also endorsed the project at a public hearing in July, where many students who spoke about the need for affordable rental properties downtown said the affordable price of $2,000 a month for a studio apartment I wondered how they would think.

“A word to applicants moving forward,” Diaz concluded.

“There are a lot of proposals that could be put forward, but looking at what my colleague said, when this comes back to Congress, it gives applicants a pretty good sense of what we are looking for. will give.”

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