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B.C. government provides $230 million to RCMP to fund rural policing, specialized units

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The BC government is injecting significant funds into statewide policing to build up specialized and local police forces.

Prime Minister David Eby announced late Wednesday afternoon an investment of $230 million over the next three years.

The announcement follows Sunday’s announcement of the government’s public safety plan.

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BC PM announces $230 million for RCMP local police, specialized forces

This funding will ensure adequate and effective levels of policing and law enforcement throughout the state, especially in rural, remote areas, indigenous communities, and various specialized teams investigating and preventing complex violent and organized crime. is ensured.

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“Everyone deserves to feel safe, and my government is doing everything in its power to protect and make our community stronger,” Eby said.

“As part of our Safer Communities Action Plan, we will support the RCMP to perform to the best of its ability to keep people safe. It helps us provide the necessary personnel to address concerns head-on.”

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New BC Prime Minister David Eby announces new recidivism response team, Public Safety Plan.

The government has been accused by BC liberals of indulging in crime.

This investment will allow state-funded regional RCMP units to reach the fully licensed staffing level of 2,602 officers.

Recruiting additional officers in specialized departments such as the Major Crimes Unit, Child Sexual Exploitation Unit, and BC Highway Patrol is also part of the funding.

These units serve rural and urban communities throughout the state and help relieve some of the work of local police, allowing them to focus on other crimes.

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said: “This historic effort to invest in the RCMP’s police funding is a massive undertaking that took two years to accomplish.

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“Continued core funding will provide a strong foundation for police resources, allowing police to focus on violent crime and other pressing public safety issues, while ensuring safer community action plans and other public safety issues. We can also work on implementing public safety initiatives.”

Eby is the state leader in money laundering files, and the funding also supports recommendations from the Cullen Commission.

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Prime Minister David Evey Announces New Housing Ministry

The BC government has been forced to respond to public safety concerns over rising repeat offenders, building on concerns raised by Austin Cullen after conducting a public investigation into money laundering.

Eby’s public safety plan includes setting up a new organized response team to deal with repeat violent offenders.

The team consists of police officers, 21 full-time prosecutors, 21 probation officers, 21 support personnel, and 9 correctional supervisors.

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The state also announced plans to track down the homes, cars and luxuries of high-level organized criminals profiting from the misery by introducing an “unexplained wealth order” law in spring 2023. Did.

But there are still questions about how the police will have the resources to deal with new laws and seize unexplained wealth.

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New BC Prime Minister David Eby announces new recidivism response team, Public Safety Plan.

The government also directed the Assistant Attorney General of the BC Provincial Attorney’s Office to identify and implement amendments to bail policy.

The order does not allow repeat violent offenders charged with crimes against individuals or crimes involving weapons unless Supreme Court attorneys are satisfied that the bail conditions will reduce the risk to public safety to an acceptable level. detention must be sought.

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