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BC family doctors: New payment model sees 1,000+ sign-ups

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A new payment model was announced last October.

BC Health Minister Adrian Dix announced Tuesday that 1,043 primary care physicians have signed up for a new payment model aimed at retaining and attracting more primary care physicians to address a critical shortage. Did.

“This begins to address the family health crisis,” Dicks told Vancouver media.

The Long Term Family Physician Payment Model (LFP), which went into effect Wednesday, will partially replace the service fee model. So, where doctors used to be able to bill the government only on a per-visit basis, the LFP can now bill for things like time spent with patients, diagnostic assistance, and research into patient health issues.

Dix, who joined Dr. Joshua Greggain, president of the BC Medical Association, the state’s chief medical association, said the new model will also reduce paperwork for doctors.

Given that the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons reports 7,229 primary care physicians, Dix hopes more physicians will attend, despite doubts about whether that level of enrollment will be sufficient on day one. expressed satisfaction with

“The exact number is not important, but the direction is,” said Dix, adding that he will update the intake numbers within the next year.

Greggain said the model remains a “work in progress” as some billing matters have not yet been streamlined in the system.

“This will increase the number of primary care physicians in B.C.,” Dix said, adding, “This is the model that attracts people to family medicine.”

Dix announced a new model last October as Doctors of BC announced their support.

“Before this announcement, quite a few doctors were considering closing their offices. We have heard from many that they will continue to practice and see patients as a result of the new payment model. .” BC doctor said November 10, 2022.

“The new model will help recruit doctors into longitudinal practice. Over time, this means more patients will be able to have their own family doctor,” the group added.

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