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Brampton father who murdered 2 young sons handed life sentence, 18-year parole ineligibility – Toronto

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A judge called the murders of two younger brothers. BramptonHe also noted the tremendous impact the murder had on the school community where the family and siblings were loved.

Superior Court Judge Bruce Dano sentences father Edwin Bastidas to 18 years and life without parole after reviewing the disturbing facts of the murders of Jonathan and Nicholas Bastidas, ages 12 and 9 Did. Last week, Bastidas pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder, although he was originally charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

According to the agreed statement of fact, on the morning of November 6, 2019, at 5:30 a.m., the mother of the children left the family’s home at High Burton Crescent near Sandalwood Parkway and Creditview Road in Brampton. came out.

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Bastidas called his wife as he was driving home around noon, said he was not feeling well and asked if he could have lunch with her. She agreed, and according to her, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Global News agreed not to report her mother’s name at the request of prosecutors.

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Unbeknownst to their mother, the children were both killed by Bastidas after he left work. He also hid a white t-shirt containing a small amount of blood from Nicholas and a mixture of DNA from both children, presumably from saliva, in an empty cat food bag, which he recycled at the end of the driveway. I put it in the bottle.

Nothing was wrong with the boys’ mother when the couple got home from lunch. Bastidas pretended to pick the kids up from after-school care. When he got home, his wife made pasta for dinner and asked where the children were. He said he was busy looking for game cartridges in his car. She told her husband to bring them over and their food was getting cold Bastidas pretended to check on them and said they needed 10 more minutes.

She then headed upstairs to take a shower, and after the shower a friend called her and asked if she’d like to go for coffee.

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When she returned downstairs, the pasta she had made for dinner appeared to have been eaten, and Bastidas cleared the plate. Bastidas tells her he has a video game setup in her basement.

She went out for coffee with friends, and when she returned around 9:30 PM, she was sitting watching TV with Bastidas after making lunch for the kids for the next day. She presumed the children were sleeping upstairs, and Bastidas confirmed that they were.

When their mothers went out for coffee, Bastidas would stage the children’s bodies in bed to make them appear asleep. Jonathan spent time in a sick children’s hospital, placed in his mother’s bed where the boy habitually slept from an early age. Nicholas was taken to his room, where he ended up after falling asleep in his mother’s bed. Before her mother leaves for coffee, she finds both beds empty.

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When the boys’ mother retired for the night, Bastidas followed her to the master bedroom. She also notices that Bastidas has a mallet behind her back. It was normally kept in a garage. They used it to knock down the door hinge pegs when they got on. his wife asked what he was doing. He said he was going to fix the hinges on the door to Jonathan’s room. Confused, the mother woke the children up and told them to put away the mallets.

When the mother walked to the side of the bed where Jonathan was lying, she noticed that he could not see very well. I just noticed.

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She was very frightened considering Bastidas still had the mallet, screamed “get away from me”, ran out of the house, and called 911 to say her child was dead.

By the time firefighters arrived, they found Nicolas dead in his bedroom.

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After firefighters left and paramedics took over, the couple were informed that Nicolas had also died. Police arrested the parents when they found the two children dead. At that time, Bastidas said to the arresting policeman: They’ve been like this since this morning,” they explained, suffocating. Bastidas repeated at the police station that his wife should not be prosecuted. He offered no explanation, just said he was sorry to his wife. She was acquitted and released from the station.

Bastidas’ DNA was found on cotton swabs taken from under the nails of children. The cause of death was determined to be undetermined, but is consistent with both children’s asphyxiation.

Dano referred to repeating over and over again what happened on November 6, 2019, provided by the boys’ mother who said her life would never be the same. He made a moving and heartbreaking statement.

He also summarized what defense attorney Robert Callas told the court at the sentencing hearing.

“Defense counsel said there was probably no explanation for this act. There were three mortgages on the house. He (Bastidas) internalized his problems. That morning the boys were impulsive. He choked the boys when they reacted unexpectedly in ,” Dano said, taking the crime out of character.

Dano said the devastating impact of the crime spread throughout the community, including Jonathan and Nicholas’ classmates and school staff.

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Brampton’s St Bonaventure Catholic Elementary School held a memorial service and mass just weeks after the murder, and last year the school planted a tree in remembrance.

According to Dano, mitigating factors include Bastidas’ guilty plea, which marks remorse with the possibility of rehabilitation. and apologized in defense in court.

In addition to two life sentences ineligible for parole for 18 years, Bastidas was ordered to produce DNA, banned for life from owning a weapon, and not allowed to communicate with the boys’ mother.

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