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Brawl at CTrain station spurs some city councillors to call for access changes

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WARNING: This story contains images that may be offensive.

Several members of the city council have said they will ask the administration to consider closing access to non-paying customers at certain CTrain stations after a brawl at a station in the northeast last week.

Ward 10 counts. André Chabot said he saw a video of the incident in which a man’s jacket caught fire after another person appeared to fire a flare gun on him twice. Chabot called it a very sticky situation.

“Me and [Coun. Sonya] Sharp and [Coun. Jennifer] Wynes is talking to the administration and considering piloting the closed system in some suburban areas and some transit stations,” Chabot said.

“If we had a closed system in some of these stations that could actually accommodate it, we would be able to eliminate this kind of social behavior that occurs inside transit stations when there are limited entrances. believe.”

Calgary police released video of the incident last Thursday afternoon at the Marlborough CTrain station. In this incident, a man’s jacket caught fire after another man appeared to fire a flare gun at him twice. (Calgary Police)

Calgary police said they charged a man and seized a flare gun after the incident last Thursday at about 2:15 pm.

Police claim the four men were involved in a physical altercation, some brandishing pipes and knives as civilians attempted to flee the area.

Police have arrested the man they believe fired the flare gun, but police are still looking for three other men.

“This act of violence took place in a busy public space, is extremely reckless and will not be tolerated,” the deputy sergeant said. Shelby Stewart on release.

Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek said the city is still awaiting funding from the state government.

“I really hope that we will be able to access some of these funds soon,” she said.

Ward 8 County On the other hand, Courtney Walcott said she doesn’t support a closed system. He believes that the problem with the larger system that put people in that situation in the first place cannot be fixed and simply moved to another part of the city.

Earlier this month, Calgary police They said they conducted a law enforcement blitzkrieg in October As a result, 45 arrests and 47 criminal charges were filed.

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