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Bridge Bike Works: $15K bicycle stolen from store

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A Toronto bike maker took a rough ride after a one-of-a-kind carbon fiber bike prototype was stolen in an intrusion that ended in mere seconds of a surveillance video show.

Early Monday morning, thieves smashed the Bridge Bike Works window with bricks, then grabbed a $15,000 bike in a hurry.

The company hopes people will keep an eye out for bikes and their parts on second-hand websites in case thieves try to peddle them.

“Nothing like that. Literally one-of-a-kind. No other bike is painted like this,” says company co-founder Frank Gardner.

Other valuables were left unattended, he said, and other bicycle prototypes were left untouched in the back of the factory.

“We are very close to full production and have a lot of positive interest. We are about to start building for our customers. It’s a proof of concept,” says Geardner.

“There were a lot of jokes about customers picking it up because they were tired of waiting.”

Surveillance video shows a car rolled up in front of the company’s North York address. In another video, the man rushes inside, grabs his bike, and after just 11 seconds begins to load it into his car, the sound of breaking glass can be heard.

“The unique thing about this is that they clearly knew how to handle the bikes. Everything seemed very planned and very quickly,” says Gardner.

Toronto police are investigating the theft. The company is very excited about the consumer model that will be available, but Geardner wants to deter thieves in several ways.

“We didn’t put the brakes on. Nothing is working. We don’t recommend it if anyone is planning to ride it,” he said.

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