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Convoy lawyer kicked out following tense exchange at Emergencies Act inquiry

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A lawyer who had represented the convoy organizers before the emergency law investigation in Ottawa was kicked out of the hearing late Tuesday morning after a tense exchange with commissioner Paul Rouleau.

The Public Order Emergency Committee is hearing testimony from Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino on Tuesday. As Rouleau was about to announce his normal morning break, Freedom Corp. attorney Brendan Miller interrupted and said he was talking to Mendicino’s director of communications, Alexander Cohen.

“He has very relevant evidence about the circumstances, about the activation of the emergency law, about the investigation,” Miller said.

Miller claimed that Cohen had unprecedented evidence of “misinformation” about text message exchanges that were key “in building the narrative that Ottawa protesters were militants.”

Commissioner Paul Rouleau is speaking with Attorney Brendan Miller of the Freedom Corporation before asking security guards to fire the attorney on Tuesday. (Adrian Wilde/Canadian Press)

Rouleau calls security

Miller then asked Rouleau to allow Cohen, who was not on the commission’s witness list, to testify after Mendicino.

“I’m not going to do this verbally right now,” Rouleau replied

“Now, we have been given 15 minutes to conduct cross-examination and extract relative physical evidence, and relevant key witnesses are here. We have edited and suppressed all these statements from the staff of Records,” claimed a visibly frustrated Miller.

Rouleaux responded that the committee had a schedule to adhere to and asked Miller to come to an agreement with the committee’s advisers during the intermission.

“Sir, schedules aren’t as important as it gets to the truth,” Miller retorted.

“There’s no question that we want to know the truth, but we know it’s a very complicated issue and it’s not all about what you want.

After the break, Rouleaux advised Miller that any application to add a witness must be in writing. The two exchanged briefly before Rouleau requested another pause.

“I’ll be back in five minutes if the guards are available to my defense,” he said.

edited document

Miller then left the hearing room. Outside, he stopped and spoke with reporters, complaining again about some of the redacted documents presented as evidence before the committee.

“They have redacted these documents claiming they are irrelevant, or claiming that they are in fact subject to Cabinet secrets. The law is clear enough that Cabinet secrets are political. Even though it is undeniably clear that it does not apply to staff,” he said.

“The Canadian government continuously and daily drops hundreds of documents on the parties, leaving them frustrated and I am not alone. [former Ottawa police] Chief Slolly isn’t really about calling the Emergency Act. “

Miller then exited the building with Tamara Rich, the organizer of the convoy.

This wasn’t the first time Rouleaux and Miller clashed at a hearing. Includes related exchanges on Mondays.

When the hearings resumed, Rouleau told lawyer Keith Wilson, who was present as a witness before the committee, that the convoy organizer’s lawyers would have an opportunity to cross-examine Mendicino after the lunch break.

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