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Flare gun, pipe used in wild brawl at Marlborough CTrain station

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Calgary police have charged a man and are looking for three others after what they called a “reckless assault” at a CTrain station in northeast Calgary last week.

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Police said a group of four men got into a physical altercation on the upper floors of the Marlborough C train station at around 2:15 pm on November 17.

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Investigators said the riot escalated, with the suspect brandishing a pipe and a knife and citizens trying to leave the area. CCTV footage released by police shows a man repeatedly beating him with a pipe.

Shortly thereafter, one of the men returned to the station’s upper floors with a flare gun and fired twice, briefly setting one of the other suspect’s jackets on fire.

With the help of Calgary Transit staff, police have arrested a man suspected of firing at the Franklin LRT station after leaving Marlborough on the departing CTrain. They also seized a gun.

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They identified the suspect as Evan Robert Mossing, 37, of Calgary. Mossing faces seven counts of his firearms charges. This includes intentionally firing a firearm in an act of recklessness, possessing a weapon for dangerous purposes, and using a firearm carelessly. He was released from custody after a bail hearing and is scheduled to appear in court on December 13.

Suspects in a brawl at a Marlborough C train station on November 17, 2022. Calgary Police Service

In a news release, Calgary Police Service Acting Sergeant. Shelby Stewart has voiced his concerns about the public nature of the violence that occurred during the day at public transportation hubs.

“This violent act took place in a busy public space and is extremely reckless and unacceptable,” Stewart said.

“Calgarians deserve to feel safe as they travel through the city, and we will continue to work with our partners, including Calgary Transit, to address this type of ongoing violence.”

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Police also issued a petition for the public’s help to identify three other men who were allegedly involved in the assault. They issued the following description of the suspect.

  • Slim build, dark hair, brown eyes, pierced left ear, 5’8 male in his twenties, wearing a light green winter jacket, black Toronto Raptors sweater, blue jeans, black and brown winter boots, and black baseball cap and sunglasses.
  • A slim build, brown or dark haired 6 foot male in his twenties wearing a green camouflage jacket with fur around the hood, a white hoodie, a green reflective vest, dark pants and black shoes. increase.
  • A 5’8 male in his twenties with a slim build, dark hair, and brown eyes, wearing a maroon jacket, a hoodie with a red Vans logo, a baseball cap, sunglasses, blue jeans, and a wallet chain. increase.

Investigators will ask anyone with information to call the police non-emergency number 403-266-1234. Anonymous tips can also be sent to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or calgarycrimestoppers.org.

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