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GTA bracing for the arrival of ‘dangerous’ cold front

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Winter isn’t over yet, no matter what the groundhog says.

According to Environment Canada, Toronto and much of Ontario are experiencing bitterly cold winters.

announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency extreme cold warning Thursday, in a wide range of countries including GTA.

Temperatures in Toronto were around 1°C Thursday afternoon, but are expected to drop sharply overnight.

Environment Canada said: “A strong cold front is expected to bring wind chills to minus 30 degrees Celsius tonight through Friday morning.” Wind chills could again reach minus 30 degrees through early Saturday morning.”

The agency advised people to cover exposed skin to avoid frostbite, which can develop within minutes. It warns that it will be greater for people with disabilities, those who lack adequate shelter, and those who work or exercise outdoors.

“Add wind and you can get down to minus 31 degrees in the wind chill, which is certainly dangerous and can lead to hypothermia and frostbite in a matter of minutes. It’s very serious,” says Environment Canada Advanced Climate. Academician Dave Phillips told CP24.

He said the city will see large fluctuations in temperature over the next few days.

“It’s pretty close to what we call the Eastern Chinook because it’s going from negative 19 hours on Saturday morning to 30 hours later in Toronto, and it’s going to be plus 3 in Toronto. depart.”

Overnight temperatures are expected to hit -19°C and -21°C on Thursday and Friday, respectively, but wind chill will make temperatures feel like -30°C.

Daytime highs are expected to reach -13 degrees Celsius on Friday, with -4 degrees Celsius on Saturday and up to 3 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

Groundhog offers different predictions

Ironically, the extreme cold warning goes out on Groundhog Day. On this day, people across North America turn to somewhat unscientific weather forecasting methods in hopes of catching a glimpse of early spring.

Tradition says that when a groundhog appears and sees its shadow, it returns to its burrow and winter continues for another six weeks. But if you don’t find a shadow, spring will come early.

Signals were clearly mixed Thursday, among Canada’s famous four-legged weather forecasters. In Quebec, Fred La Marmotte died the day before he had fulfilled his duties. In a traffic jam, the townsfolk let a boy with a stuffed groundhog do the work. The boy consulted with his friends, and he asked for six weeks of winter.

Nova Scotia’s famous groundhog, Shubenacadie Sam, saw her shadow and portended another six weeks of winter.

Only Wiarton Willie of Ontario turned out to be an optimist this year. Groundhog did not find his shadow, heralding early spring.

Groundhogs are traditionally revered, but Phillips cautioned against putting too much faith in their predictions.

“This is as ridiculous as it gets. It’s pure groundhog wash,” joked Phillips.

Still, he said enduring traditions speak to Canadians’ obsession with the weather.

“So this is why we live. We say, ‘Will Christmas be white or green?'” Will there be a thaw in January? Do groundhogs see their shadows? Will March come like a lion, or will it come like a lamb, April’s shower blossoms,” Phillips said.

“It’s not real science, but it gives us hope that perhaps what we had could be improved, even if we don’t like it.”

Regarding the actual science, he said: And I think the days are getting longer. It’s kind of validating what we feel. ”

However, he did offer some advice for people looking for groundhogs for sure predictions.

“I’m not going to bet my pension on it.”

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