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Health agency issues order after 42 beds found in Banff home

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The Alberta Health Service issued an order against a home owner in Banff, Alberta after more than 40 beds and mattresses were found.

AHS says Visit at 321 Lys Street I have found a condition that is or may be harmful or dangerous to public health.

He also said he exceeded the maximum occupancy of the house of 16 people. The residence had 42 beds and mattresses, and the tenants slept in a windowless basement.

The home’s owner was ordered to make numerous repairs, remove extra beds and mattresses, and accommodate no more than 16 tenants.

Darren Endes, director of planning and development for the town of Banff, said the town has a large population of young service sector workers whose households tend to be larger than the average Alberta household. increase.

“But this example is an extreme example, and one we don’t see very often.”

He said they received several complaints about the house and multiple agency groups, including town workers, the fire department and AHS, visited the house multiple times over the course of three years.

For nine years, Cindy Heisler has been helping people find a place to live in the Bow Valley through her famous Facebook group, Bow Valley Home Finder, which has over 25,000 members.

She said the property on Lis Street was on the page a few years ago, but was removed after hearing from people who lived there.

CBC News previously reported that many longtime locals and new Banfits are having trouble finding housing this year. (Radio Canada)

She said people who lived in the property were yelled at by one of the listed owners for coming home too late and were told the TV was too loud to watch.

Heisler said many “ski enthusiasts” have lived in Banff for about six months to learn how to take advantage of affordable accommodations.

“And nobody pays attention to them to make sure they know their rights,” she said.

“This is not the only situation in Banff. At least six people have encountered situations similar to this.”

“Double the number”

Heisler said more people are looking for accommodation in line with AHS orders.

“The numbers are doubling. Every time I check my phone, there are 15 more people who want to join the group. So I’m probably authorizing 50 people a day instead of 25 like I was last month.” she said. she said.

She said that in addition to affordable housing, temporary housing should be set up for those staying for less than a year.

CBC News previously reported Many longtime locals and new banfits are having trouble finding homes this year.

In a statement provided to CBC News, the town of Banff said its community needs more affordable housing. construction.

Many private organizations continue to redevelop town premises for staff housing, the statement said. The Banff YWCA is also building more units in affordable housing complexes.

“We will continue to monitor housing conditions in Banff and continue to work with state agencies to ensure landlords adhere to our strict occupancy and safety requirements,” the statement said.

The number of companies needing workers has remained relatively constant over the past decade, the statement said. The town of Banff has not expanded since incorporation in 1990 and all available land is used.

“As a result, adding housing to the town is difficult.”

“Communities are adjusting to the recovery of more tourists and the increase in workers needed to meet demand.”

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