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Howling noise heard in Greater Victoria sparks mystery

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Was that a fighter jet? modified exhaust? alien?

A strange howling sound was heard across the Victoria area on Tuesday night, leaving many puzzled as to what was causing it and sparking some wild speculation online.

The noise was reported throughout the metropolitan area in the early hours of Tuesday morning, with residents claiming to hear it as far away as Sydney and Mechosin.

The locations varied, but many described them in the same way. As a chilling “howling” noise.

“So I woke up and immediately started recording,” said Carter Learmans, who recorded the noise.

Learmans claims to have heard intermittent noise from his downtown Victoria home between 1:00 and 3:00 am.

“I woke my girlfriend up and told her there was a strange noise outside and there were no cars on the road. It sounded like it was almost right above us. ‘ he said.

Theories of warplanes, animals, friends, etc. from out of this world have been tossed online. There is also

However, in a statement emailed to CHEK News, the U.S. Navy confirmed no exercises took place between 10pm and 3am.

not the first time

Some time ago, a strange phenomenon occurred in that region. In 2013, CBC reported strange sounds Grinding and whining sounds on terraces described by residents lasting at least ten minutes. Residents speculate that it may have been an earthquake, electromagnetic activity, or a train.

Eventually, the City of Terraces staff came forward to give us an explanation. A spokeswoman at the time, Alisa Thompson, said workers were grinding the blades of the graders.

Former UBC researcher Glenn McPherson says he’s heard the recorded sounds before, and the answer isn’t strange.

In 2012, researchers began. World Hum Map and Database Project, This is intended to determine the cause of the low-frequency hum he experienced during his trip to Russia. His website estimates that the sound is experienced by about 2-4% of the world’s population.

“I believe it was first widely and credibly reported in the UK in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It has been reported worldwide since then,” said the researchers.

still no answer

MacPherson has several leading theories as to what it is.These include earth processes, radio frequency vibrations, and even the possibilities created inside the human body.

“This is a mechanical noise, usually [the cause is] There are two or three sources of information,” MacPherson said.

In other cases, the sound could have been made by a truck braking at low speeds or by a rail car taking a turn.

Another theory suggests that a Fernwood resident who heard the noise contacted CHEK that it didn’t appear to be the case, but that it may have been from a street cleaner.

“I’m used to hearing owls and other urban wildlife and night city cleaners, but this was nothing like that,” writes Rachel. It was an inorganic type of sound that gained in intensity before fading out somewhat.I fell asleep again, but about 40 minutes later I was awakened by the sound again.

CHEK News contacted the City of Victoria to find out if there had been an overnight construction project or if a road sweeper had been damaged, but received no response.

Victoria Police also did not respond Tuesday to an inquiry asking whether the department had received a noise complaint about an unknown sound.

For now, the mystery of the eerie howl heard by many remains unsolved.

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