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Jury told William Sandeson not affiliated with Hells Angels

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A jury in William Sandeson’s first-degree murder trial was told he had nothing to do with the Hell’s Angels outlaw motorcycle gang.

When the trial began Tuesday morning, Judge James Chipman read the agreed statement of facts into the record.The judge said there was no evidence that Sandeson belonged to the Angels. The statement was signed by both Crown’s attorney and Sandeson’s attorney.

Witnesses said at an earlier trial that they feared Sandeson because they believed he had ties to gangsters. offered it as an explanation why he had not told the police the truth.

Blaise was in an apartment across the hall from Sandeson on the night of August 15, 2015. He testified on Monday. I heard a bang, then a knock on the door. Blaise testified that he saw inside Sandeson’s apartment, where he saw a man collapsed and bleeding from a wound on his head.

However, when police first questioned him, Blaise claimed he had seen nothing that night. It wasn’t until two years later that he said he saw the body.

The judge read a second statement to the record on Tuesday, stating that Taylor Samson had a bank account and credit card with RBC, and five days before Samson was last seen alive in August 2015. I have confirmed that neither has been touched since the 10th.

Text messages from Sandeson’s two phones

The only witness on Tuesday was Gilles Marchand, a digital forensics analyst at the RCMP. He extracted data from three of his cell phones that police seized. Two of them he owned by Sandeson.

Marchand extracted text messages that appeared to be conversations about money.

“A $7,000 student grant has been approved,” read one of the texts sent on Aug. 17.

“Student loans have been paid off and we are now completely clean,” another text read.

These texts and other messages were sent from a Sandeson-linked phone, but Marchand was questioned by Sandeson’s attorneys to say who actually sent the messages. I admit that I couldn’t.

The jury returned home early Tuesday morning. The court is not open Wednesday as the court is needed for another case.

This is the second time Sandeson has been tried on this same charge. A new trial was ordered in 2020 after the judgment in the 2017 trial was overturned on appeal.

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