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Length of MUNFA Strike to Determine Impact on Term

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Memorial University says it can make do with a relatively short-term strike, but a long-term strike would be a problem.

This is the second day of the strike by more than 800 members of MUNFA. Course-by-course instructors do not participate in job actions.

Dr. Neil Bose, Vice Chancellor of MUN, said he lost a whole week at Snowmageddon a few years ago and finished a semester, so with some action he could get through a week or two. .

(Dr. Neil Bose)

After two weeks, it becomes difficult. He said decisions at that point should be made in collaboration with faculty.

Meanwhile, the university has asked state governments to consider legislation that would change the university’s governance and administration. The state is in the process of amending the Memorial University Act to include adding faculty representatives to the board.

Having a say in the management of MUN is one of the three key issues of a strike.

Students are very worried, especially those who have midterm exams this week, according to the student union. Spokesperson Isabelle Ojeda hopes MUN will return to the negotiating table and agree to a fair deal.

She says the university is trying to force students into impossible situations and pit them against faculty.

homeless nursing students

A strike at Memorial University has put the futures of about 70 nursing students on the line.

Student Madison Bailey says fourth-year nursing students were doing independent clinical rotations, essentially unpaid work periods, before the strike occurred.

They are not allowed to complete these clinicals while the strike is ongoing, which could hinder their ability to graduate on time.

This is especially problematic given that Bailey and the rest of her class have already got jobs at Eastern Health, where orientation is scheduled for May 1st.

She said that if she had to extend her clinical, it would affect her graduation. This affects 70 new nurses entering the system, thus leading to a shortage of nurses.

Bailey explains that the Faculty of Nursing is covered by MUNFA, but the Nursing Research Center and the Western Community School of Nursing are not, and those students are working as usual.

Bailey says she and another student practiced in the same health sciences unit as three CNS students. Other students may continue their clinical practice while they are restrained.

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