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London’s police chief comments on officer speaking at council meeting

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London Police Chief Steve Williams says an investigation is under way after members of the police showed up at City Hall in uniform to voice their opposition to the proposed development.

Dozens attended Monday afternoon’s Planning and Environment Board meeting to vote against a proposal to build two five-unit townhouses at 489 Upper Queen Street, where one house had previously stood. I raised my voice.

At one point, an officer in full uniform save for his hat approached the microphone and expressed concern.

“The other day I went outside and looked at the area and couldn’t help but think about the box looking down on me in the backyard if this moved forward,” the officer said.

AJ Ray watched the meeting online and admits he was taken aback when the officer stepped into the mic.

“We had to make sure that the officer was actually trying to make a public comment and wasn’t just there to provide security for the meeting,” Ray told CTV News.

He researches and consults on planning issues, and has a particular interest in developing infills such as those proposed by the Upper Queen.

(Source: @WrayAJ/Twitter)When he realized the cops were indeed against the project, Ray took to social media, citing the Police Service Act and posting on Twitter. application. “

“Whether you’re a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic, you shouldn’t wear uniform to such a public meeting,” Ray told CTV News.

After being contacted by CTV News, Chief Steve Williams released the following statement on social media: [London police] An official who allegedly attended city hall yesterday offered a personal take on the development application. The views expressed by the officers do not reflect those of LPS. LPS has not taken an official position on this application. I have ordered an investigation into the police officer’s actions. An investigation will be conducted and information will be released to the extent possible in accordance with applicable law. “

A request for additional comments was made, but has been denied at this time.

Ray said it’s important for those who wear the uniform to understand what the uniform stands for to others.

“People fear standing in front of the police on certain occasions. They make them feel uncomfortable. “She has the right to share her opinion. It is her property and she is close. It’s terrifying.”

Mr. Ray noted that police officers may be represented in uniform at times, such as during budgeting procedures related to the service and providing information to identify potential road safety concerns arising from the development. Admitted.

In this case, Wray is not looking for significant impact. He believes this should simply be a matter of education. [Police Services] Act and that they can’t just show up and speak before public meetings.”

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