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Mixed reaction in Kamloops to Premier Eby’s safety plan

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Among the highlights are new funding for police and nurse teams (such as the locally active Car 40 program), the creation of a capable criminal response team, and the expansion of virtual bail sessions.

Kamloops Mayor Reid Hammer-Jackson said he loved hearing about Prime Minister David Evey’s Safer Communities Action Plan, while veteran city councilor Dale Bass told KTW before commenting. He said he would like to see it implemented.

Over the weekend, Eby announced a list of actions it will take as a premiere to address community safety.

Among the highlights are new funding for teams of police officers and nurses (such as the locally active Car 40 program), the creation of a competent criminal response team, and funding to the Crown for bail hearings. New directives, expanded virtual bail sessions, and more.

The Safety Plan includes a $3 million fund for a comprehensive mobile community crisis response by community police and health workers across BC, known as Car Team.

Bass said there are multiple communities in need of mental health services.

“The state government knows us. [city council] Bass said he wasn’t sure what else Congress could do to secure state funding other than continuing to lobby.

Hamer-Jackson said he wasn’t sure how effective the Car 40 program would be, but spoke with Interior Health CEO Susan Brown about a potential Kamloops expansion, which the council will discuss further with health officials. pointed out that it was necessary.

Car 40 is a program that pairs mental health practitioners with RCMP officers when answering calls about mental health conditions.

Kamloops’ highlands and local politicians want the Car 40 program to expand, but Interior Health has so far not committed to adding mental health nurses to the program. The city supports two police officers for this program, but she is the only nurse funded by Interior Health.

This service operates only during the day, 4 days a week. Note, however, that mental health calls require a second automotive team to service 24/7, as Bass pointed out.

Bass said part of Car 40’s job is to follow up with people after they call to make sure they’re attending therapy.

“It’s not just about showing up for action where the police are called,” Bass said.

Eby’s plan also includes a coordinated response team for repeat offenders, consisting of the police and 21 full-time prosecutors, 21 probation officers, 21 support personnel, and nine correctional supervisors. It will be created.

Hamer-Jackson thinks this is a good idea and hopes the use of outreach workers will be included in the plan, as they can be effective in getting people involved in recovery programs. said to be sexual.

With an additional $3 million a year payout from Eby’s plan and expanded virtual bail hearings, those charged with crimes will be transported to regional hubs such as Kamloops, Prince George and Nanaimo, where they will become stranded and homeless. no longer need to be His former attorney general, Eby, also implemented a new policy on bail intended to keep repeat offenders in prison by instructing prosecutors to oppose their release more frequently.

Hamer-Jackson described the expansion of the virtual bail system as a “great idea” and said that during his recent visits to two shelters in Kamloops, he heard people trying to return to their home communities. .

“I’m glad he’s focused on all these issues that we’ve been raising and that they’ve been important issues in local elections across the state,” Bass said.

“It’s nice to talk and promise, but let’s see it happen.”

Kamloops RCMP Supt asked for comment. Jeff Perry told KTW in an email that he intends to learn more about the action plan and its implications for police, and he declined an interview request from the newspaper until the details of the plan were released.

“In the meantime, the Kamloops RCMP detachment will provide details of the action plan, how it will contribute to our common goal of community safety, and some of the initiatives the squad is currently implementing. We look forward to learning how it builds on our detachment’s criminal management team, the Crime Reduction Unit, and other strategic priorities,” said a Kamloops RCMP spokesperson. Person Crystal Evelyn said.

— This article was updated at 4:15pm with comments from the Kamloops RCMP.

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