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Nearly $40,000 raised in less than 24 hours for grieving Airdrie paramedic’s family

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In overwhelming support for the family of Airdrie paramedic Jamie Erickson, her 17-year-old daughter died last week as a result of a horrific car crash. gofundme campaign It was set on Monday and fell short of $55,000.

In a moving post published on social media over the weekend, Ericsson, who works as a high-care paramedic in Airdrie, was with his partner at the site of a head-on collision in Big last week, November 15. I made it clear that I was dispatched. Hill His Springs Road and Range Road 24. At the time, Ericsson did not know that the patient he was treating was his own child.

“The seriously injured patient I just treated was my own flesh and blood. My only child. My mini-me,” Erickson wrote.

Erickson didn’t realize her worst nightmare had come true until after she got home from work and the police notified her of what had happened. She was taken to Foothills Medical Center (FMC) in a Starz Air Ambulance, but due to the extent of her injuries, Erickson wrote they were not able to sustain life.

“I can’t help but be angry at the short amount of time I spent with her. 17 years has been too long…I’m devastated. I’m broken. I’m missing a part of me. Me.” is left to pick up and is expected to continue with the works.”

According to the gofundme page, the Ericsson family has been an advanced medical paramedic for nearly 30 years. The donation will be used to alleviate financial stress for parents to help them get through the earth-shattering loss of their beloved daughter.

“These are difficult times to get through and we want their future to be free from financial hardships – either take time to heal, build their beloved farm, Whether or not Montana’s legacy lives on and this will help us get back together over the years…this is…a never-ending journey of healing.”

As the news shocked communities both in Airdrie, Calgary and the surrounding area, thousands of messages of condolences and support poured in from Airdronians and Albertans across the province in solidarity with the bereaved families. I was.

Ericsson reminded everyone reading her social media posts one of the most important things anyone can do.

“Love with all your heart. Hug those close to you. Make memories. ‘If you’re going to love someone, hold them as long and as hard as you can… until you can’t love them anymore.'”

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