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Nursing Students Worried MUNFA Strike Could Delay Graduation

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The state government is closely monitoring the situation of students at Memorial University School of Nursing.

About 70 nursing students’ final semesters are in jeopardy due to the MUNFA strike.

These students are in the process of completing clinical trials, and a prolonged strike could delay their graduation and the start of the jobs many students had already prepared.

Prime Minister Andrew Fury has said the government is reviewing potential measures available while also acknowledging that collective bargaining processes are ongoing.

Fury didn’t specify the specific measures they were considering, but said all available measures to ensure nurses have access to a trained education and career. He said he was looking into options.

(MUN Nursing Madison Bailey.)

Student Madison Bailey says that if the strike is prolonged, it will have financial repercussions for students who are not allowed to do other work during unpaid clinical periods.

She says students should start working on May 1st. Other than that, students have seen first-hand the challenges facing the healthcare system and want to be part of the solutions.

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