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Peterborough crash victims were from same family

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A mother, father and son were killed in a head-on collision just east of Peterborough, Ontario on Tuesday, and a daughter was taken to hospital in critical condition.

Family members told CTV News Toronto that the three people killed in the crash were Stephanie McHart, John McHart and their 18-year-old son Riddick McHart.

Their 14-year-old daughter, Logan McHart, was seriously injured in the crash and was airlifted to Toronto’s Children’s Hospital in critical condition, the family said.

The identity of the fourth victim has not been confirmed.

According to Ontario Police, the crash occurred the following day. Highway 7 near Drummond Line Around 5:15 p.m., an SUV and a pickup truck collided.

letter sent to parents from Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School Principal Debbie Callahan said Wednesday it was “with great sadness” to announce the deaths of students and staff at the McHart family.

This undated photo shows Stephanie Mahart, Logan Mahart, John Mahart, and Riddick Mahart. (go fund me)

“You may have heard of a serious vehicle crash just east of Peterborough,” Callahan wrote in the letter. “The entire McHeart (Hart and McDonnell) family has learned that this horrific accident has profoundly affected the death of one of our school’s students and one of their parents who is also a staff member of Thomas A. Stewart. Another family member of our school was involved and they were airlifted to the hospital.

CTV News Toronto learned that Stefphanie MacHart was a teaching assistant at the school.

“Our school community is shocked and saddened as we struggle to process this difficult news. We understand the immediate and significant impact this will have on our students, staff and families. ,” Callahan said in the letter.

Callahan said counselors will remain in school for students “as long as necessary.”

A highway near Peterborough, Ontario. Where four people died in a head-on collision on November 23, 2022. (CTV News Toronto/Harrison Perkins)

“It is with the heaviest heart that we write this,” Tanya Hart, whose husband is Stephanie’s first cousin, wrote on the GoFundMe page for the family. We are completely devastated by the sudden and tragic deaths of , Stephanie, John and Riddick.”

Hart said he raised the money on CTV News Toronto. GoFundMe page Used to support Logan’s recovery.

Highway 7 was closed for several hours Tuesday night as police documented and reconstructed the crash site.

Police have not released any details about the victims, nor have they released a cause for the crash.

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