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Poilievre’s Conservatives set fundraising record in final quarter of 2022 – National

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In its first quarter under the leadership of Pierre Polivre, the Conservative Party of Canada capped off 2022 with a massive fundraising drive, raising nearly $9.7 million in the last three months of last year. constituency.

It was also the first quarter since late September to see new leadership of the Canadian Conservative Fund, the party’s fundraising arm led by Toronto attorney Robert Staley.

Add in the total of about $327,000 the party received from the leadership campaign, and the Conservative Party’s total earnings for the quarter totaled about $10.2 million.

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Party officials confirmed on Tuesday that under Staley the Conservative Fund is placing increasing emphasis on digital-only campaigns in an attempt to bring down the cost of raising funds.

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The Conservative fundraising machine received donations from 60,666 Canadians. This was a record number of donors in any quarter since his 2004 election, when there was no general election.

Elections Canada has continuously published quarterly financial reports from major political parties since 2004, or for 76 consecutive quarters.

Meanwhile, even when the Polivre Conservative Party was setting fundraising records, its arguably right-wing Canadian People’s Party also reached its highest level of fundraising. Under the leadership of former Conservative MP Maxime Bernier, the PPC has raised his $725,293 in the final three months of 2022. These funds came from his 5,851 donors.

Bloc Québécois also had a historically strong fundraising quarter, raising $866,505 from 5,777 backers. This funding amount was his second best for BQ in a quarter without a general election.

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The liberals ruling under Justin Trudeau also had a reasonably strong quarter, pulling in $5.79 million from 38,416 contributors. The amount was his eighth-highest in his 76 quarters since 2004, and his fifth-highest non-election quarter.

The federal New Democrats, under Jagmeet Singh, raised $2.5 million from 20,352 donors in the fourth quarter of last year. The amount was his 10th best quarter for the party since 2004, and his 7th best non-election quarter.

As for Canada’s Green Party, it received $820,796 from 6,270 donors, despite facing leadership and governance challenges and spending much of the last year in considerable turmoil. That amount was his 14th-highest performance for the party in the past 76 quarters, and his 11th-highest in a non-election reporting period.

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Quarterly financial reports don’t provide information about how each party spends their money. They only provide information about the party’s sources of income. By law, only individuals can contribute funds to political parties. Businesses, unions, or non-governmental organizations are prohibited from contributing to organizations registered with the Canadian Electoral Commission (candidates, leadership candidates, local equestrian associations, or federal political parties).

Parties disclose information about how funds are used in their annual financial reports. Elections Canada says his 2022 annual financial report is unlikely to be released until June.

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