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Polar vortex coming to Manitoba

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Manitoba will be immune to the polar vortex coming to Canada later this week.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) says low pressure and cold Arctic air will settle in Manitoba by the weekend.

“It’s getting a lot colder than we’ve seen so far,” said Natalie Hassel, warning readiness meteorologist for the ECCC. , no recovery seen.”

Hassel says temperatures will drop to minus 32 degrees Celsius Friday night through Saturday morning. She says cold temperatures will continue for some time.

“For Winnipeg, we probably won’t see a recovery until the second week of February,” she said. “So we’ve been talking about low temperatures for at least a week, maybe a little longer.”

The arrival of the polar vortex will prompt people to dress in layers and limit their time outdoors, according to the ECCC.

As temperatures drop, fears of not being able to protect ourselves from the cold grow.

Luke Thiessen of the Siloam Mission said the center will have coats and warm clothes for those who use the service and are open long hours during the day.

“Usually we close the drop-in for a few hours each afternoon for cleaning. We don’t close and we don’t kick anyone out,” he said. “When it’s really cold outside, we find ways to clean everything and keep everything safe and hygienic without letting anyone leave.”

Thiessen added that Siloam is accepting donations of winter clothing such as jackets and gloves and expects demand for these items to increase this week.

Jason Shaw, assistant chief of emergency management and public affairs for the Winnipeg Fire and Rescue Service, said the city of Winnipeg is in talks with community groups such as End Homeless Winnipeg in the days leading up to the weather event.

“We want to be able to participate in these conversations so that we are aware of what these agencies are doing and can help if needed,” he said.

Shaw added that city facilities are open during normal business hours for those seeking relief from the extreme cold.

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