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Premier Ford cancels meeting with Mayor Sutcliffe

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Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe’s first official visit to Queens Park on Tuesday was one meeting less than planned after Prime Minister Doug Ford canceled it.

Sutcliffe told city councilors last week he was heading to toronto Meets Ford and City and Housing Minister Steve Clark to discuss a variety of issues, including the budget deficit and state housing initiatives.

The mayor met with Clark and several other Cabinet members, but a meeting with Ford scheduled for 4:30 p.m. was called off for unspecified reasons.

“Unfortunately, we have had to unexpectedly cancel today’s meeting with Mayor Sutcliffe, but we look forward to meeting with him in the near future,” a spokesman for the prime minister wrote in an email.

Ford called Sutcliffe after last month’s election. The call was more celebratory in nature, as opposed to a deep policy discussion.

In a statement sent Tuesday night, Sutcliffe said she met with Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Sylvia Jones and Ottawa MPP’s Minister of Children, Community and Social Services Marylee Fullerton.

The mayor said he had discussed a wide range of issues with state officials, including controversial issues. Faster Action, Also Known As Bill 23, Builds More Homesthe city’s financial shortfall due to the pandemic and Derecho, and the Social Services Relief Fund – a program launched by the state to help local governments assist vulnerable residents during the pandemic.

He also raised the issue of the unavailability of paramedics.

“I am pleased with the open and productive nature of today’s conversation with senior members of the Ford government,” Sutcliffe said in a news release Tuesday evening.

“As I said during my election, it is critical that all leaders work together to realize the priorities of Ottawa’s residents. will be

The mayor also met with Finance Minister Peter Bethlen Falby at Ontario City Hall on Friday.

“Working with the state government is essential to making Ottawa a safer, more reliable and affordable place to live,” Sutcliffe said in a statement.

“We will follow up with state ministers and prime ministers to help them reach their goals and address ongoing challenges in the City of Ottawa.”

Not sure what progress has been made

The city is in serious need of financial support from higher levels of government before the end of the fiscal year, and it is unclear if Sutcliffe had any guarantees of the support given by the state at a recent meeting.

the city expects OC Transpo’s Loss of $85.5 Million This Year The budget for 2022 is unrealized occupancy rate.

Unbudgeted expenses to deal with last spring’s Derecho storm Approximately $50 million in total.

City officials now believe Bill 23 will be more taxpayer burdensome and could leave communities lacking amenities.

Among other things, the bill would set a goal for Ottawa to build about 160,000 new homes over the next 10 years and waive millions of dollars in fees charged by the city to pay for infrastructure and parkland. .

Sutcliffe’s statement did not mention consultations with states on new municipal governance laws. give The mayors of Ottawa and Toronto were empowered to pass specific bylaws with the support of just one-third of the city councils.

Ottawa’s mayor has already said he will not exercise strong mayoral powers.

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