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Project Cerro: Four men arrested, 400 kgs of illicit drugs seized

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Toronto police arrested four men and seized about 400 kilograms of drugs, likely imported from Mexico.

Police said the investigation, dubbed Project Cerro, grew out of another investigation that led to the largest single-day drug seizure in police history in November.

Project Cerro, which began last October, resulted in the seizure of approximately 390 kilograms of drugs (364 kilograms of crystalline methamphetamine, 20 kilograms of cocaine, and 3.8 kilograms of fentanyl) with an estimated value of $32 million.

Four loaded Glock pistols, seven cars and more than $500,000 in Canadian currency were seized, police said.

The Toronto Police Department Narcotics Squad executed 15 search warrants on January 17 as part of the investigation.

Of the seven raided residences police called “hideouts,” all were in Toronto. Investigators said there was furniture used to “hide contraband” in two of those homes.

“The ability to manufacture high, pure levels of crystal methamphetamine comes from Mexico,” Supt. .

“Probably the only person who can supply this amount should be the cartel base and I’ll leave it at that.”

Watts went on to say that organized crime groups “continue to seize the opportunity to profit from the harm inflicted on communities, raising serious public safety and public health concerns.”

“This is happening in all parts of Toronto, the GTA, and all small towns and municipalities in Ontario through the importation and distribution of illegal substances, sometimes laced with toxic opioids. Drugs distributed by the group continue to fuel gun violence and related crime and disorder in communities across the country,” especially distributing these controlled substances across borders.

Pauline Gray, Deputy Chief of Specialized Operations, called today’s news “the result of yet another successful drug seizure investigation.”

“The Toronto Police Department will continue to provide the resources needed to keep dangerous drugs and people off the streets,” she said, thanking everyone who participated in this investigation.

“Undoubtedly, investigations like this and subsequent seizures and arrests will save lives and prevent further violence in our streets.” Brought to you almost four months after the reveal.

In November 2022, police seized 520 kg of crystal methamphetamine and 151 kg of cocaine during an investigation called Project Zafiro.

Toronto residents Paul Lerthiu, 35, Troy Anthony Robinson, 40, Manasin Jitabon, 39, and Sohail Baharloo, 34, each have been found guilty of multiple drug charges in connection with the latest investigation. and face firearms-related charges.

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