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Rachel Notley warns Albertans not to trust Danielle Smith’s UCP

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Prime Minister Daniel Smith appeared on the air Tuesday night to provide financial support to help Albertans get through the next six months.

Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley says anyone who hears her message should take note.

“Many people don’t remember, but six months before the last election, the UCP voted to increase interests in fragile Alberta, but broke that promise within weeks of taking office.

“What we’ve just heard is Daniel Smith’s claim that he intends to undo the affordability crisis that the UCP government has contributed to by overturning their own bad decisions.

her address isSmith spoke about payments to families, the elderly, those receiving AISH, individuals receiving income support, and those with developmental disabilities.

She also plans to suspend the fuel tax, which was originally done under the Kenny administration, for six months.

Also announced was the reindexing of provincial support payments to adjust for inflation, rebates on electricity and utility bills, and support for food banks and low-income Alberta.

“These are just the first steps and there is still a lot of work to do,” said Smith.

“Until this crisis is over, every decision the government takes will ensure that it balances affordability for Albertans with the need for a continued balanced budget and fiscal responsibility.”

Despite Smith’s promised help, Notley says Albertans cannot forget the UCP government’s past actions.

“I couldn’t trust the UCP then, and I certainly don’t trust it now,” she said, adding that the provinces her party controls would be the action Alberta is seeking.

“When it comes to paying for food, utilities, insurance, gas, tuition, housing, we take action,” she said.

“The Alberta NDP provides a stable and responsible government that supports a resilient economy. This government fosters growth in strategic sectors and attracts investment that creates good jobs and exciting opportunities each year. .”

Lori Williams, a political scientist at Mount Royal University, said Smith’s speech covered what many Albertans had been waiting for.

“I think this is good news for a lot of Albertans who are really struggling financially. I think that part of the announcement is hopeful for Albertans because it targets a lot of low-income people. I think,” she said.

“I think the bigger question is whether it really helps in the long run.

“And certainly Rachel Notley’s response raises questions about whether this will continue after the next election. I’m sure it’s something many Albertans are wondering.”

Spending promises can work, Williams said, but there’s a bumpy road ahead.

“I think we have a harder task here. You may wonder if the problem can be solved, and for that you may be willing to look elsewhere,” she said.

Williams said Smith and Notley said, “Trust me for the state’s future,” and both stood by it.

“Rachel Notley was taking advantage of what seemed to be the case with many polls that people viewed the NDP government as a little more stable and trustworthy,” Williams said.

“She pointed out that the UCP made promises before the last election, and that promises were broken after the election, and she correctly addressed the questions Albertans have about Daniel Smith. increase.”

“Daniel Smith highlights some of the challenges facing affordability in a way that may be of great relief to some Albertans,” she continued.

“But the bigger issues regarding the health care system, Alberta’s economic future, and the education system, which she promised, I think our long-term solutions will pose considerable challenges for her. future.”

6:30 p.m. Prime Minister’s speech appeared as a paid advertisement on CTV

You can watch the full story on CTV News Calgary.

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