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Sentencing for Robert Keith Major begins Tuesday

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Robert Keith Major will return to an Alberta court Tuesday morning when a three-day sentencing hearing for a convicted double murderer begins.

In May, the major pleaded guilty to the murders of 24-year-old McHale Bush and his 16-month-old son Noah McConnell on September 16, 2021 in Hinton, Alberta.

Bush was sexually assaulted and strangled. Her body was then mutilated by the Major. He also admitted to strangling McConnell.

Major lived in the same apartment complex as Bush, his son, and partner Cody McConnell.

The major was already a convicted sex offender prior to the murder, but he was no longer under “recognition conditions,” the RCMP said.

In September 2021, McConnell and hundreds of supporters rallied outside the courtroom as they believed the justice system had failed to protect his partner and son. Protesters demanded changes to the law to prevent future crimes.

Sentencing hearings will begin at 10:00 a.m. and will include statements regarding the impact on victims.

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