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Should provinces use the notwithstanding clause to end labour disputes? – Poll

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Poll: Ending Labor Disputes

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British Columbia’s new premier stabbed Ontario’s premier while receiving enthusiastic approval from delegates at the BC Labor Federation convention in Vancouver.

David Evey told the audience that he is monitoring the situation in Ontario closely and would “never” use the “nevertheless” clause to end the labor dispute.

In his first speech since becoming NDP prime minister last week, Eby reminded delegates of the need to stay united and work towards a common goal.

He said benefits such as Canada’s highest minimum wage, paid sick leave, improved child care and greater equity in workers’ compensation systems would not have been possible without a strong and organized workforce. increase.

Eby believed the union movement helped the New Democratic Party take office, and said the support of their members made the change of government possible.

When the Doug Ford government of Ontario vowed not to use the clause to invalidate the Charter of the Rights to Work, as it attempted during a contract dispute with educational workers, his most A warm round of applause ensued.

“Can you imagine me having to make that promise to you? Is that a problem in Canada today?” Eby said to sustained applause and cries of approval.

“can’t believe it.”

With just days left in the fall legislative session and less than a week into the administration, the Evey administration has introduced two bills to address the housing affordability crisis and plans to address public safety. announced support for those struggling with soaring inflation.

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