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Sudden death of Quebec’s Fred la marmotte casts a shadow on Groundhog Day

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Fred La Marmotte, the state’s famous hairy oracle in Val d’Espoir, Quebec, was found dead Thursday night, hours before predicting whether spring would be early or late.

Organizers of Thursday’s Groundhog Day event in Val-d’Espoir announced the somber news after nearly 40 minutes of festivities that included music and dancing.

“The only certainty in life is that nothing is certain,” Roberto Blondin said earnestly in front of a large waiting audience.

“Well, it’s true this year. It’s true, and I’m sad to announce the death of Fred.”

Blondin said he found a lifeless animal overnight when he tried to wake him up. He states that “there were no vital signs” and speculates that Fred died in hibernation in late fall or early December at the age of nine.

In a different tone, Blondin said Fred loved children and would have hoped a child would take his place on Thursday.

In light of the sudden death of Quebec’s hairy forecaster, a child has been called to make the forecast for this Groundhog Day. verdict? late spring. (Radio Canada)

Then, a child wearing a groundhog hat who was participating in the event was called to the stage and handed a stuffed groundhog. He predicted another six weeks of winter.

Blondin was convinced that next year would see a new Groundhog — Fred Jr. — ready to make his predictions to continue the tradition.

Meanwhile, two of Canada’s most famous groundhog prophecies expressed conflicting views about the arrival of spring.

Ontario’s Wiarton Willie called early spring, but Nova Scotia’s most famous groundhog, Shubenacadie Sam, came out of her snowy enclosure at a wildlife park north of Halifax this morning. I seem to have seen the shadow of

According to lore, if a groundhog sees his shadow on Groundhog Day, the winter will last longer. But if you don’t find a shadow, spring-like weather will come soon.

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