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Testimony concludes at coroner’s inquest into death of VPD Const. Nicole Chan

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WARNING: This story contains gory details.

The head of Labor and Employee Relations at the Vancouver Police Department testified Tuesday at the BC coroner’s inquiry into Const’s death. Nicole Chan on his VPD’s policy on relationships at work.

Speaking on the seventh and final day of the inquest, Christine McLean said the policy, updated for 2021, requires both parties involved in work relationships that represent conflict to declare it. , the policy calls for other members with knowledge of the relationship to also report it.

“It does not distinguish between superiors and subordinates, it actually affects all employees. It doesn’t matter if it’s a direct line or a position where they influence that employee’s career…it’s in the policy,” McLean said.

“Generally speaking, if there is a relationship within an organization that, if reported, could constitute a perceived or actual conflict of interest, the VPD will investigate it … on a case-by-case scenario. In determining whether there is a conflict of interest, interest could potentially be reduced. [what] VPD will decide if it’s appropriate,” she said.

Chan died on January 27, 2019, hours after being released from the Access and Evaluation Center at Vancouver General Hospital. She was brought in after being arrested by her VPD personnel under the Mental Health Act for being a suicidal hazard.

The inquest heard about Chan’s history of mental health struggles, and she was closely involved with two VPD supervisors.

She blamed the sergeant. David Van Patten is a sexual assault and coercion complaint that the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner (OPCC) initially deferred to New Westminster Police to investigate the possible crime.New Westminster Police Van・I recommended prosecution of Patten, but the king refused.

The OPCC has since found that three allegations against Van Patten have been substantiated.he was Dismissed from VPD In January 2020, “For discreditable conduct related to misconduct occurring in an improper relationship with a Junior Vancouver Police Officer.”

At the inquest, it was heard that in the weeks before her death, she had become increasingly depressed and angry about her situation with the VPD and worried that her police career was over.

Chan’s family filed a civil lawsuit against the VPD, Vancouver Police Union, Vancouver Police Board and Van Patten among others. One of the allegations is that Van Patten, who worked in the human resources section of the department, made Chan agree not to disclose their relationship to anyone, including mental health professionals.

A coroner’s inquiry does not find liability or criminality, but is intended to serve the public interest of clarifying the facts and circumstances of a death. You can make recommendations aimed at addressing improvements in

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